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Requesting your personal data from O2

Requesting your personal data from O2

Under Section 7 of the Data Protection Act 1998 Act, you have the right to access your personal data held by O2. This is known as a Subject Access Request (SAR). The process you should follow to do this is set out below.

You can make a SAR to receive your own personal data. Or a third party can make a SAR for you, with proof they have your permission.

If you’re a Pay Monthly customer you may be able to access your bills online at My O2, or you can request copies through our customer service team.

Only information considered to be your personal data will be released under a SAR. We won't be able to provide:

  • The phone numbers of calls or texts you’ve received (see Requesting call records via a solicitor).
  • The content of text messages or personal phone calls.
  • Numbers, photos, video clips or text messages stored on your phone.

To make a valid SAR, you must:

  • Put your request in writing to O2. To speed up the process you should complete the O2 Subject Access Request Form.
  • Pay a non-refundable admin charge of £10. This must be a cheque or postal payable to Telefonica UK Ltd.

Pay As You Go customers

You'll need name and address identification. This can include driving licence, utility bill, council tax bill, and bank statement.

You must also prove you're the owner of the mobile number. This can be by one or more of the following:

  • Sim purchase receipt - this must show the mobile number. We can't accept handwritten receipts.
  • Phone purchase receipt - this must show the IMEI number. We can't accept handwritten receipts.
  • Photocopy of the credit/debit card used to top up. This should show your name and last 4 digits of the card number.
  • Top-up card.
  • Historic top-up receipts.

Send your completed form, the fee and proof of identity and ownership to:

Data Controller
Subject Access
Telefonica UK Ltd
5 Reynoldston Close
Brackmills Industrial Estate

The more specific you are and the more information you provide, the quicker we'll be able to respond.

We'll respond to your request within 40 calendar days of verifying your details.

Requesting your personal data for O2 Travel Insurance

Send your request and a cheque or postal for £10 made payable to Mondial Assistance UK Ltd to:

O2 Quality Standards
Mondial House
102 George Street

Requesting call records via a solicitor

If outgoing data is required and your client is a Pay Monthly customer see Requesting your personal data from O2, above.

If you require a statement with your bills you must supply a typed and signed authority by the applicant on headed paper, including your client's name and full address, including postcode, mobile number and the date range you wish us to cover and send it to:

Court Disclosure
Telefonica UK Ltd
260 Bath Road

or by email to

If your client is a Pay As You Go customer and cannot provide sufficient proof of ownership, we cannot proceed without a Court Order.

If phone numbers of incoming records are required, this is available on production of a Court Order only, as it’s classed as third party disclosure.

Any court order must be stamped and signed by the courts, served on O2 and include the mobile number, date range and detailed disclosure type in question.

Without meeting all of these criteria we can’t disclose data and the order will have to be amended. Please confirm where the data should be sent, or it will go straight to the court.


O2 is not obliged to comply with a SAR from an individual if the request is similar or identical to a request that O2 has already complied with in relation to that individual. This exemption will not apply if a reasonable interval has elapsed between the two requests and further information has been processed since the first request. O2 also reserves its rights to act under any other exceptions or exemptions under the Act.

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