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Terms & conditions

O2 Switch Up Terms and Conditions

Switch Up Terms (from 3 August 2023).

For purchases prior to 3 August 2023, see O2 Switch Up Bolt On Terms (from 11 August 2022 to 2 August 2023).

Purchase & Eligibility

  1. The O2 Switch Up Bolt On is sold and charged as part of our Plus Plans, which constitute a package of services The O2 Pay Monthly Mobile Agreement, available here, shall apply to the O2 Switch Up Bolt On. In addition to the Pay Monthly Mobile Agreement, these Terms and Conditions will form part of your O2 customer contract once an eligible order for the O2 Switch Up Bolt On has been accepted by us.
  2. References to ‘device’ or ‘devices’ in these Terms and Conditions means handset devices only.
  3. Taking out any new custom plan or Plus Plan will be subject to status, credit checks and payment by direct debit as well as being subject to availability.
  4. O2 Switch Up is only available to new and upgrading O2 customers who purchase a Plus Plan through direct O2 sales channels.
  5. It is available to eligible customers at the point of sale as an included benefit of any Plus Plan

Using O2 Switch Up

  1. The O2 Switch Up Bolt On allows you to swap an existing handset device and take out a new handset device under a custom plan or Plus Plan. When taking out a new custom plan or Plus Plan, you may redeem promotional offers that we currently have available at the time (excluding any O2 Recycle offers on new devices, including enhanced recycle, which cannot be redeemed as a part of using O2 Switch Up). Other types of device plan (e.g. tablets and watches) and tariffs (e.g. sim only) will not be eligible for O2 Switch Up.
  2. You will not be able to use O2 Switch Up within the first 90 days of the successful purchase and activation of the relevant eligible plan. Each time you use O2 Switch Up, the 90 days will restart and you will only be able to use O2 Switch Up after this period.
  3. When you wish to use O2 Switch Up, we will need to examine your current device (as you will be switching it for a new one) at one of our stores. If that device complies with our criteria (see clause 9), your request to swap your device via O2 Switch Up will be approved. We will keep your device and settle your existing device plan, which will subsequently be terminated, before you enter into a new device plan.

Device condition criteria

  1. In respect of the condition of your device, reasonable fair wear and tear is acceptable; however, the following scenarios will be excluded and you will not be permitted to swap your device if any of the following apply:
    1. you are in arrears with us (whether in respect of an existing or previous plan / tariff that has been left unpaid);
    2. the device is not fully functional (e.g. buttons or parts are missing, or the device does not power up or does not function properly in line with manufacturer specifications);
    3. the device is physically damaged, beyond what would be reasonably classed as ‘fair wear and tear’ (e.g. the screen or casing is cracked or heavily scratched);
    4. the device is water damaged;
    5. the device, in our reasonable opinion, has any other damage or issues that would impact the normal functioning of the device, except for any inherent faults not due to your own acts or omissions; and
    6. you provide a device with an IMEI code that does not match the device that was provided by us at the start of the existing contract, except for devices that may have been replaced under a valid insurance plan or warranty which no longer have the same IMEI code as the original device.

Once your request is approved or refused

  1. If your request is approved and before we take your device, you must log out from and remove any personal accounts from the device (e.g. find my phone, iCloud, Gmail etc). We will provide you with instructions in order to be able to complete these steps.
  2. If your request is refused, we will return the device to you and you will only be able to upgrade to a new plan through our standard upgrade options, which may come with additional early repayment charges. Any O2 Recycle offers on new devices, including enhanced recycle, will be available to customers if they upgrade via this standard route. You may also only upgrade to a new plan through our standard upgrade options if you want to upgrade during the first 90 days from purchase, where you cannot use O2 Switch Up. See our standard upgrade terms here.
  3. Where necessary and as instructed by us, we may have to ask you to contact our Voice team to progress your swap request instead of going initially via one of our store agents. If applicable, you will still need to bring your existing device to one of our retail stores, so that we can examine it. If your request to swap is approved via this route, we will ask you to return your existing device to us using a returns jiffy bag (that we will provide to you) within 14 days of receiving your new device. We will send the jiffy bag to the same address that your new device is to be sent to. Please note that if your current device is not returned to us within the timeframe mentioned, we reserve the right to charge you for the outstanding balance of your existing agreement.

What happens if my new device is unavailable when I use O2 Switch Up?

  1. In the event your chosen handset device is not currently available (e.g. it is out of stock or in a pre-order state) when taking out a new Plus Plan, we may allow you to start your new contract until your new device is available, whilst retaining your current device at the same time. If so, the following rules will apply:
    1. When we receive your device, we will examine its condition;
    2. If your existing device meets our criteria (and continues to do so), we will pay off and close your existing contract upon its safe receipt by us;
    3. If your existing device does not meet the criteria, whether at the initial grading stage or the condition has subsequently changed once it is received by us, we will not close your existing contract. You will subsequently be provided with a choice either to:
      1. back out of and close your new contract, if you’re within the 14 day change of mind period, therefore choosing to continue with your existing device in accordance with the terms of your existing contract (although, note that your existing device plan and airtime plan will be capable of being cancelled separately moving forwards); or
      2. continue with the transaction, which will be processed via our standard upgrade and O2 Recycle journeys instead (the terms and conditions of which can be found at O2 Recycle | Mobile Terms and Conditions | O2), where we will provide a value for your device and credit this to your existing contract. Please note that you may be required to pay early upgrade charges as well as any further payments to make up any deficit between your remaining contract balance and the quote provided in respect of your existing device, if applicable;
    4. Once your new device is available and has been dispatched to you, you should send your existing device to us within 14 days from the date of dispatch of your new device. Your existing contract will remain active and you will continue to be liable to pay the monthly payments until your existing device is sent to and safely received by us. We will also examine it to ensure its condition is consistent with the original information you submitted.

Other applicable terms of use

  1. If you transfer an existing Plus Plan airtime tariff to another Plus Plan device plan, then the O2 Switch Up Bolt On will remain active.
  2. If you transfer an existing Plus Plan airtime tariff to a standard custom plan device plan, then the O2 Switch Up Bolt On will be removed and you will not be able to add the O2 Switch Up Bolt On again until you upgrade to a new Plus Plan (where it is already included).
  3. The O2 Switch Up Bolt On is for your personal non-commercial use. If, in our reasonable opinion, you're using it for commercial purposes or contrary to your terms of service, we reserve the right to restrict your use.
  4. O2 does not guarantee that the O2 Switch Up Bolt On will always be made available and reserves the right to end the O2 Switch Up Bolt On at any time.
  5. In addition to these Terms and Condition, please refer to the Pay Monthly Services Agreement for more details on our rights to vary and (if applicable) your rights to cancel.
  6. We reserve the right to terminate, restrict or suspend your use of the O2 Switch Up Bolt On, if you are, in our reasonable opinion, in breach of your terms of service.