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Pay As You Go International Big Bundle and Premium International Big Bundle - Tariff Details

Terms applying from 21 July 2021

Please note, this tariff will no longer be available to new customers or existing customers wishing to switch to the tariff from 21 July 2021 onwards. If you are not already on this tariff by this date you will not be able to switch to it.

With the International Big Bundles, a minimum monthly credit balance is exchanged for a bundle of calls, texts and data. Calls can be made from the UK to selected international destinations/countries (“PAYG Inclusive Destinations and countries”). For the latest list of selected PAYG Inclusive Destinations see

For all other calling destinations/countries outside of our PAYG Inclusive Destinations/Countries, see the latest country pricing at

Minimum top up amount is £10. Your bundle tariff value is the minimum monthly credit balance or top up required to activate and renew bundle. Bundle will continue to automatically renew on your bundle renewal date if you have sufficient credit. If monthly bundle allowance does not renew or is consumed, standard charges apply. Discounted international rates only apply to active bundle customers. Once your bundle expires, you will pay standard international rates. For details of these rates see: You can switch bundles once a month to take effect from your bundle renewal date. Calls and texts allowances expire after one calendar month and cannot be rolled over. Data allowances can be used for 4G and non-4G data.

You can choose from either:

1. £10 International Big Bundle - 500 minutes to the UK and 29 PAYG Inclusive Destinations/Countries (see, 5000 texts and 5GB of data including 4G access with data rollover and international discounts in exchange for £10 each month; or

2. £20 Premium International Big Bundle – 1,000 minutes to the UK and 48 PAYG Inclusive Destinations/Countries (see, plus an additional 250 minutes to Nigeria, Pakistan and South Africa, 5000 texts and 15GB of data including 4G access with data rollover and international discounts in exchange for £20 each month.

Data rollover: On your monthly renewal date you can carry forward up to 100% of your standard monthly data allowance (“Roll Over Data”) into the following month’s data bundle, subject to your total data bundle (Roll Over Data + standard monthly allowance) not exceeding 200% of your standard monthly data allowance at any one time. Any data that cannot be rolled over will expire. Roll Over Data will expire immediately if you fail to renew your Bundle on time or if you change tariffs.

Limits, additional costs and further information can he found here (i) Pay As You Go Roam Like At Home landing page and (ii) Europe Zone Web Daily terms and conditions

For Pay As You Go Tariff terms see