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Blackberry® Internet Solution from O2 Roaming Terms

4th Jan 2011 VAT increase to 20%

These prices were correct at the time of publishing. On 4 January 2011, the rate of VAT will increase to 20% and all of our prices will change to reflect that.

Per megabyte charges apply if you use the BlackBerry service or other data services

O2 Active / WAP browsing and O2 Mobile Web) whilst roaming. These charges are £3.00/MB in the European Union and £6.00/MB in the rest of the world. See the following link for full details of countries where roaming is available. . All new BlackBerry users will be automatically activated with Per Megabyte Roaming as set out at Charges are made only for data received and sent and charging is in 1KB increments. Charges apply at all times of day. BlackBerry Internet Solution from O2 customers on the O2 tariff may also select an unlimited BlackBerry monthly roaming tariff at £23.50/month. The Line Rental Charge will be charged every month irrespective of whether you roam with your device and is aimed at high roaming users. Customers may transfer between Per Megabyte Roaming and Monthly Roaming no more than once in any three month period. The roaming charges set out above do not include any voice roaming charges. The details can be found at: