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Terms & conditions

O2 Business Broadband terms & conditions for Enhanced Support Service

1. Introduction

  • 1.1. These terms and conditions relating to the O2 Business Broadband Enhanced Support Service ("ESS Terms") set out the basis on which Telefónica UK Limited (Company no. 1743099) of 260 Bath Road, Slough, Berkshire SL1 4DX ("O2, we, us, our") will provide support services to the customer with whom we make this agreement or a person who we reasonably believe is acting with the customer's authority ("You, your").
  • 1.2. The ESS Terms are in addition to the O2 Broadband Services - Standard Terms and Conditions for Consumer Customers and Business Customers ("Terms"), and terms which are not defined in the ESS Terms will have the meaning set out in the Terms. If there is any inconsistency between the ESS Terms and the Terms, the ESS Terms will prevail.
  • 1.3. "Customer Infrastructure" means any equipment owned or used by the Customer but not provided by O2 for the provision of the Services (and subsequently out of the scope for the ESS Service).

2. Scope of the ESS Service

  • 2.1. The ESS Service means the service detailed in Appendix 1 ("the ESS Service Description") and provided to Customers by O2 in respect of resolving faults in the Services.
  • 2.2. The ESS Service is provided in addition to the telephony based helpdesk service which O2 provides in connection with the Services. The ESS Service will not be provided to you unless and until you have sought help from and complied with all instructions issued by the telephony based customer helpdesk service and O2 is satisfied that the Service is still not working - where "working" shall have the meaning set out in clause 2.10 of these ESS Terms.
  • 2.3. The ESS Service may involve physical checks of the O2 wireless box ("O2 Wireless Box") supplied by O2. If you use a modem/router supplied by someone other than O2, then O2 may not be able to complete the same number of checks as it can complete with respect to an O2 Wireless Box and O2 has no obligation to resolve problems relating to routers other than the O2 Wireless Box.
  • 2.4. O2 will use its reasonable endeavours to check basic PC configuration information relating to email accounts set up for a maximum of 10 email accounts on 5 PCs.
  • 2.5. O2 will use its reasonable endeavours to check the McAfee security settings and recommend any changes it believes to be necessary.
  • 2.6. The ESS Service applies only to PCs operating Windows XP/Windows Vista 32 bit. It does not apply to PCs operating other operating systems including but not limited to Apple Mac and Unix derivatives e.g. Linux, or non-Microsoft Windows based systems ("Other Operating Systems").
  • 2.7. If the Customer utilises Other Operating Systems, O2 shall have no obligation to provide the ESS Service to the Customer.
  • 2.8. If O2 makes any recommendations in respect of Other Operating Systems, or Customer Infrastructure the Customer agrees that:

    • 2.8.1. such recommendations are provided outside of the ESS Service and that O2 has no liability for any actions by the Customer as a result of those recommendations; and
    • 2.8.2. the Customer is responsible for seeking independent advice from qualified sources.
  • 2.9. The ESS Service is available only at the single location ("the Site") where the Customer connects to the Services.
  • 2.10. The ESS Service covers only those elements of the Services which relate to provision of the broadband connection to your O2 Wireless Box and in respect of a normal (as per the specification of the O2 Wireless Box) WiFi signal being emitted from the O2 Wireless Box. Except as otherwise expressly specified, the ESS Service does not cover problems relating to Customer Infrastructure, its configuration (including but not limited to any networking e.g. LAN set up) or the topography and physical structures of the Site.
  • 2.11. The Services will be deemed to be working when the following conditions on the O2 Wireless Box are met:

    • 2.11.1. Green power light is on;
    • 2.11.2. Solid green DSL light is on;
    • 2.11.3. Green internet light is on;
    • 2.11.4. WLAN light is on (either red for no encryption, amber for WEP encryption or green for WPA);
    • 2.11.5. USB and Voice lights off; and
    • 2.11.6. on the rear of the O2 Wireless Box there are 4 lights which correspond to the 4 Ethernet ports. Where the Customer connects a PC to the O2 Wireless Box via a cable, the light which corresponds to the port where the cable is plugged in is on.
  • 2.12. The ESS Service is only available during Working Hours, on Business Days as specified in the ESS Service Description.
  • 2.13. The Customer agrees that O2 shall have no liability with respect to any work necessary for the Customer to undertake, or any costs associated with or arising from the replacement or resetting of the O2 Wireless Box.
  • 2.14. The ESS Service excludes any work necessary to restore the Services arising from the following:

    • 2.14.1. failure or fluctuation of, or work in relation to, electric power, air conditioning, humidity control or other environmental conditions; or
    • 2.14.2. accidental damage, improper use or operation or neglect of the Services or Equipment by the Customer or its contractors or agents; or
    • 2.14.3. any fault in Customer Infrastructure; or
    • 2.14.4. any attempt by any person not authorised to do so other than O2's personnel (or personnel approved by O2) to adjust, repair or maintain the Equipment; or
    • 2.14.5. use of any part of the Equipment for a purpose or in a manner for which it was not designed or other than in the ordinary course of reasonable business practice; or
    • 2.14.6. the failure of the Customer to implement manufacturers' or O2 recommendations in respect of or solutions to faults previously advised by the Customer; or
    • 2.14.7. damage caused by operator error or omission.
  • 2.15. The ESS Service shall not include:

    • 2.15.1. repair of a malfunction due to electromagnetic or particle radiation in the environment of the O2 Wireless Box; or
    • 2.15.2. restoration of Customer data or user data or responsibility for users data; or
    • 2.15.3. the repair of consumable items; or
    • 2.15.4. the recovery or reconstruction of any data or programs lost or spoiled except to the extent that this is due to the fault of O2 or its contractors or agents, in which case only such work as is required to recover or restore the data from the last Customer back-up of the affected data; or
    • 2.15.5. unless otherwise expressly stated in this Agreement, maintenance or support of any Other Operating System or software applications or any Customer Infrastructure; or
    • 2.15.6. services in respect of any equipment which has not been provided by O2; or, in respect of Equipment not at the location where Customer connects to the Services; or, outside the relevant hours of normal service operation.
  • 2.16. The ESS Service is provided only in the United Kingdom.