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Already got a tablet or mobile broadband device? 

Choose one of our sim only deals, and get online when you're out and about. We've got a range of 30 day Pay Monthly deals for you to choose from, so you can get all the data you need. 

If you want the freedom of topping up when you want, you can grab a free Pay As You Go data sim and add data when you need it. Or get a preloaded one to get going straight away. 

Whatever option you go for, you can still connect to our O2 Wifi hotspots across the UK, for free. 
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Tariff documents

Your Tariff documents contain important information about your plan, to help you decide if it's right for you.

 1GB data - preloaded sim   

  3GB data - preloaded sim

 5GB data - preloaded sim     

 12GB data - preloaded sim

Topping up your data

Once you've got your tablet sim, you can choose a tariff. Top up when you need to, or pick a monthly recurring plan.

Tariff plans


Lasts for


Auto top-up discount**

Daily and monthly top-ups



24 hours



1 month



1 month*

£10 10%


1 month*

£16 10%


1 month*

£20 10%


1 month*

£25 10%

90 day and 12 month top-up



90 days



12 months



12 months


*30 days for iPad customers
**Save 10% with an auto top-up. Save 10% off the price of our Light Surfer plans when you choose a Steady Surfer plan. There's no contract, you can cancel your auto top-up anytime up to midday on the day before your current plan expires. Change tariff as often as you like. Data lasts for up to a month and renews automatically once a month. See full terms and conditions.