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Pay As You Go sim cards and deals

Connect with our best Pay As You Go sim deals. Order now and get your new sim delivered for free.

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Choose your free sim card

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Wait 1-2 working days for your Pay As You Go sim

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Top up your account via My O2

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Start using your Pay As You Go allowance

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My O2

Manage your account 24/7.

Keep an eye on your bills and data usage and add a Bolt On if you need it. Get an upgrade, make a bill payment or top up your credit. You can do all this and more, wherever you are, with My O2. Sign in online or get the free My O2 app.

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How do Big Bundles work? Collapsed link

Just top up the right amount each month for your chosen Big Bundle and we'll exchange the right amount of credit for your minutes, texts and data allowance.​ You'll be able to rollover your data at the end of the month.

Big Bundles last for one month and renew automatically on the same day each month, if you've got enough credit. If you don't, you'll be charged at our Big Bundles standard rates until all your credit's gone. You'll get your bundle allowance back when you top up enough credit again. Big Bundles terms apply.

How do I claim £10 free credit on my Pay As You Go sim? Collapsed link

You can claim £10 free credit when you buy any O2 Big Bundle. To claim your credit, text FREE10 to 21500 within 28 days after you order your free SIM.

Will the Pay As You Go sim fit my phone? Collapsed link

Yes, our O2 Pay As You Go sim cards fit all phones.

What happens if I don’t use my phone for long periods? Collapsed link

If you don't carry out a chargeable activity at least once in any six month period your mobile number will be disconnected and you'll lose any credit on your O2 account. If you want to be reconnected you'll be given a new mobile number.

Can I keep my number? Collapsed link

Yes. If you’re moving from another network, before you can transfer, we’ll need your PAC. Once you’ve ordered and received your temporary O2 number, fill in the keep my number form. Find out more about keeping your number.

If you’re moving from O2 Pay Monthly to O2 Pay As You Go, get in touch with our Pay Monthly customer service team. We'll do the rest. If you're on O2 Refresh you can only move to Pay As You Go once your Device Plan is paid. If you're not on O2 Refresh but still in your contract minimum term, you may need to pay a termination charge.

How can I top up my free sim card? Collapsed link

You can top up online, or you can:

  • Call 4444 from your mobile
  • Use an E-Top Up card or buy a voucher anywhere you see the green top-up logo
  • Use the My O2 app
Can I change tariff? Collapsed link

Yes. Sign in to My O2 or call 2202 free from your O2 phone to switch to a new tariff. You can do this once a month if you want to.

I ordered a Pay As You Go sim but it hasn't arrived, what can I do? Collapsed link

If you ordered your free sim card by 12pm, you'll get it the next working day (subject to location and Royal Mail delays). However please allow three working days for your sim to arrive. If it still hasn't arrived, you can chat to one of our agents

How does data rollover work? Collapsed link

Data rollover is available on £10 and higher Big Bundles. You can roll over up to 100% of your monthly data allowance. If your monthly allowance is 7GB, for example, you can rollover a maximum of 7GB into the next month.

You need to keep the same bundle and renew on the same date each month, or your data will expire.

How do I order a free Pay As You Go sim? Collapsed link

Simply choose one of our great-value bundles, enter your details and we’ll send you your free sim card. If you order your free sim Sunday – Thursday before 2PM, you’ll receive your free sim the next working day.

Can I get O2 Priority rewards and other benefits with a Pay As You Go sim card? Collapsed link

Get access to all the best bits of O2, like O2 Priority rewards, but with the added benefit of full flexibility. There are no contracts, no credit checks and the sim is free to order. Plus, you can claim £10 free O2 credit on all Big Bundles and a further £5 when you sign up to My O2.

How do I claim my £5 free O2 credit for using My O2? Collapsed link

Firstly, order your free sim. Once you’ve received your free sim, download the My O2 app and register your details. Your free O2 credit will be applied within 5 working days following your My O2 registration and verification of offer eligibility.

What happens if I use my Big Bundle up early? Collapsed link

You’ll get a text when you're close to using all your data. If you run out of data, you can either add a Bolt On for more data or wait until your O2 Big Bundle renews the following month. You’ll need to ensure you’ve got enough credit to cover the cost of your O2 Big Bundle on your renewal date.

What data Bolt Ons are available? Collapsed link

Click here to see our latest range of Pay As You Go data Bolt Ons.

Where can I compare Pay As You Go SIM cards? Collapsed link

You can compare our great range of Pay As You Go sim deals right here. Scroll up to see the various tariffs available with O2, including 7GB, 15GB, 30GB and 100GB bundles.

Does an O2 PAYG SIM have no expiry? Collapsed link

As long as you carry out a chargeable activity on your PAYG sim at least once every six months, it will not expire and your phone number will remain active.

What is a traditional Pay As You Go SIM? Collapsed link

A traditional Pay As You Go sim is a sim where the user tops up using credit and can only use that amount on calls, texts and data. Whatever credit they don't use remains in their balance for 6-12 months. At O2, we no longer offer these types of PAYG sims. Instead, we offer data rollover, which allows you to rollover any unused data into the next month. Our sims also come with unlimited minutes and messages regardless of which bundle you choose.

What is the cheapest PAYG SIM available? Collapsed link

At O2, our cheapest PAYG sim is the 7GB Big Bundle which only costs £10 per month.

Does O2 have a Pay As You Go data only sim? Collapsed link

All of our PAYG sim cards have unlimited calls and text, so technically you're only paying for more data if you choose a more expensive Big Bundle. These Pay As You Go data only sim cards range from 7GB to 100GB each month.

Where can I view the Terms & Conditions for Big Bundles? Collapsed link

Here you can find our condensed terms for Big Bundles, but for more detail and full terms please see here.

Pay As You Go Only. Your Big Bundle tariff value is the minimum monthly credit balance / top up required to activate and renew a bundle of Europe Zone data allowance and allowances of minutes and calls in the UK which you can also use whilst roaming in our Europe Zone, subject to Fair Usage policy. Data rollover is available on £10, £15, £20 and £30 data Big Bundles only. On your monthly renewal date you can carry forward up to 100% of your standard monthly data allowance ("Roll Over Data") into the following month's data bundle, subject to your total data bundle (Roll Over Data + standard monthly allowance) not exceeding 200% of your standard monthly data allowance at any one time. Any data that cannot be rolled over will expire. Roll Over Data will expire immediately if you fail to renew your Big Bundle on time or if you change tariffs. Limits, additional costs and further information can he found here (i) Pay As You Go Roam Like At Home landing page and (ii) Europe Zone Web Daily terms and conditions. For Pay As You Go Tariff terms see