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Roaming Fair Usage

Our Roaming Fair Usage Policy

Roaming in our Europe Zone is included in your tariff, so you can use data, make calls and send texts just like you do at home. However, this service is only available for occasional travel (like holidays or short breaks), and not for long stays abroad.

Using our services in our Europe Zone for more than 63 days in any four month period is what we consider to be unfair use. If you do this, we’ll send you a fair usage notification by text. If you continue to use these services after we’ve notified you, we’ll apply surcharges for further usage that we recognise as over usage.

These surcharges are £3.50 per GB for data, 3.3p per minute for calls and 1p per text. The surcharges will appear on your next months bill. We’ll stop applying surcharges to your European Zone usage once the majority of your usage over the previous four months has been in the UK.

What options do I have?

You can continue to use your phone in our Europe Zone, but should be aware that usage will be charged at the rates given above. As an example, if you use 1GB of data and 100 texts after receiving the notification, you’ll be charged an extra £4.50 – that’s £3.50 for the data and £1 for the texts.

Another option is to turn off your phone on the days you don’t need it. These days won’t be counted as Europe Zone usage.

If you find yourself living in the EU for a long period of time, it may be more cost-effective for you to buy a local sim card or take out a contract with a local network. You might like to check whether your phone is locked to our network.

Why does O2 apply surcharges?

The European Union’s policy that customers should be able to use the calls, texts and data from their tariff in other EU countries isn’t meant to include extended roaming periods. Since the policy was introduced, we’ve allowed our customers to roam like at home, and monitored their usage. As we’ve noticed an increase in our customers using their phones abroad, we’ve applied our fair usage policy to cover the costs we have to pay to the networks our customers use when they’re roaming. Want to know more? Go to the EU commission page.