On the 29th May, we're putting up some prices on our Pay As You Go tariffs, for the first time in nearly 5 years. We know that price rises are never welcome and we haven't taken this decision lightly. However, these changes will allow us to continue to invest in our network, products and services.

That's why at the same time, we're introducing our best ever Pay As You Go tariffs. Called Big Bundles, the new tariffs will offer customers the following:

  • For £10 a month – 100 mins, 1000 texts and 500MB of data
  • For £15 a month – 200 mins, 2000 texts and 1GB of data, with 4G acces
  • For £20 a month – 400 mins, 4000 texts and 2GB of data, with 4G access

You'll be able to move to a Big Bundle from 29 May by going in store, calling 2202 or logging into My O2.

Below are the changes that might affect you, based on the information we have on how you use your phone.

  1. Per minute billing


    This change affects UK calls to UK landlines and mobiles (including video calls). Instead of charging you a 1 minute minimum for these calls (and then by the second for any call lasting more than a minute), we'll round all calls up to the nearest minute. This means that:

    • A call lasting less than 1 minute will continue to be rounded up to, and charged as 1 minute. There will be no change in this scenario
    • However, a call lasting more than a minute will be treated differently. For example, whereas in the past a call lasting 1 minute 21 seconds would've been billed as 1 minute 21 seconds, it will now be billed at 2 minutes.

    The changes will apply to calls that are made in bundle (i.e. within a tariff or Bolt On allowance) as well as out of bundle calls. It is worth noting that O2 are the last of the major operators (including EE and Vodafone) to move to per minute billing for UK landline and mobile calls on Pay && Go.

  1. Removal of the daily declining call rate


    The daily declining call rate for UK calls to UK landlines and O2 mobiles is part of all Talkalot and Talkalot 08 based tariffs. It means that the first 3 minutes of the day are currently charged at 25p per minute, with all calls thereafter dropping to 2p (Talkalot) or 5p (Talkalot 08) per minute.

    After the change we'll charge people on Talkalot and Talkalot 08 tariffs a flat rate of 25p per minute charge for all UK calls to UK landlines and O2 mobiles that are made out of bundle (i.e. outside a tariff or Bolt On allowance).

    You'll only notice a difference if you make more than 3 minutes of these types of calls per day, outside of your tariff or Bolt On allowance.

  1. Picture Message (MMS) price change


    We're changing the price of sending a picture message (MMS) outside of your bundle. The price will increase from 25p to 35p when you send an MMS outside of your tariff or Bolt On allowance.

  1. International Text change


    Customers who are on our International Sim or O2 Unlimited tariffs currently pay 10p for every international text that they send from the UK. From the 29 of May, we'll change the price to 12p a text, which is the same as a UK to UK text on these tariffs.

Questions or comments?

Call us on 4445 and one of our advisors can talk to you about what the changes mean in more detail. Calls are charged at 25p per call.