Maximise your next gig with these Priority perks

O2 customers get the VIP treatment at gigs around the UK, so make the most of these undiscovered benefits

There’s something uniquely special about live music. The feeling of gathering in a room with hundreds of other humans, waiting for the magic to start; the exhilarating release of singing your heart out and dancing until you forget the stresses of the day. With concerts firmly back on the agenda, we want music fans to make the most of every gig – which is why we’re giving you a heads up about the perks that come with O2 Priority.

You probably already know that our customers can get Priority Tickets to thousands of UK gigs up to 48 hours before general sale. But whether you’re going to a local gig at an O2 Academy venue or a big-ticket concert at The O2 in London, these hidden Priority benefits will make your next live music experience even better. (Psst: if you’ve got an O2 number, you’re automatically entitled to Priority. Simply download the free app via your app store or by texting PRIORITY to 2020.)

people dancing

Get to the action faster

Nothing puts a dampener on pre-gig excitement like a lengthy queue, but you can get fast-tracked entry with Priority. We have a separate Priority queue for O2 customers at O2 Academy venues whenever possible, as well as at Entrance B at The O2. And because we like to spread the love, you can bring up to three friends with you, even if they’re not on O2. Just search “priority queue” along with the name of the O2 Academy venue you’re visiting to double-check this perk is available.

clothes hangers

Enjoy the free cloakroom

Whether you’re a mosher or a toe-tapper, it’s harder to get into the groove when you’re weighed down with a coat and bag. So shed those layers at O2 Academy venue cloakrooms, which O2 customers can use for free by showing the offer in the Priority app. The same applies if you’ve got a standing ticket for a gig at The O2 (you can still pay for the cloakroom if you’re seated at The O2 – or simply stash your things over your chair or at your feet). Unencumbered dancing awaits.

phone recording concert

Keep your phone charged

Out of juice after filming all those Instagram Stories of your favourite band? At selected O2 Academy venues, you can use your Priority app to rent a portable powerbank for free. Just look out for a Lyte station, tap the screen and enter the unique code from your Priority app (here’s more info on how it works). Battery anxiety, begone!

people holding bottles

Hang out at VIP bars

If you fancy a drink before or after a concert at The O2, head to the O2 Bluebar. It’s only open to O2 members, which means shorter queues and a more exclusive vibe, and you can bring up to three friends. Or head to the O2 Blueroom lounge and bar, which is open for pre-drinks. Priority gets you 20% off your bar order, whether your poison is beer, a cocktail or a soft drink.
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Get Priority perks from home

Don’t live close enough to an O2 Academy venue to make the most of these benefits? Don’t worry – loads of other Priority discounts and prize draws can be accessed online. Like grabbing a complimentary cinema ticket on us, or picking up daily treats while you’re out and about from your favourite high-street brands. Check out the full range of Priority offers here – we’ve always got new perks in the pipelines, so keep checking the app. And enjoy!