Help your phone go the distance

Check out our tips and tricks for device care to make your phone last longer and save you money.

Your phone is a strong little thing – whether you’re throwing it in your bag, sitting on it in your back pocket, or giving it an impromptu crash test when you accidentally knock it off the sofa. It’s designed to withstand your daily life and general wear and tear.

But it’s not indestructible. Fortunately, you can do a few things to make your device go the distance. Keeping hold of your phone for longer will both save you money with O2 Refresh (we automatically lower your bill when you’ve paid off your phone) and help the environment. Scroll down to read our top tips.

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Prolong your battery’s lifespan

Your battery is your phone’s engine room, so take care of it. There are a couple of easy tricks to ensure your battery’s lifespan (the amount of time your battery lasts until it needs to be replaced) is maximised. Always upgrade to the latest version of software, as updates often include energy-saving technologies. And avoid extreme ambient temperatures, which can have a negative effect on battery life. In winter, that means trying not to let your device get very cold for prolonged periods, such as leaving it in your car. When hot weather rolls around, keep your phone out of direct sunlight and consider removing it from its case to let it cool down if it feels like it’s overheating.

phone being cleaned

Clean your screen

How many times do you think you touch your phone screen each day? Put it this way: it’s a lot. So, it stands to reason you should probably take care of it more than rubbing it on your shirt occasionally. A gentle wipe with a dry microfibre cloth (while your phone is off) is a good place to start. Equally, there are effective phone screen cleaners or antibacterial cleaning kits for a deeper clean. But watch out! Stronger liquids, substances or materials that aren’t designed to do the job may corrode your screen.

phone cases

Protect your phone

A phone case is usually a prerequisite for a shiny new phone these days. But it wasn't always so.  Many of us have had an “experience” that led us down that enlightened path. But if you’re lucky enough not to have experienced the heartbreak of seeing your device bounce off a pavement, take advice from the weary thousands who learned the hard way: get a good case with shock absorption. A screen protector gives you double defence. Even if your screen takes a hit, it’s so much easier (and cheaper) to replace the screen protector than more valuable components.

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Repair or replace parts

Your phone is often one of the most expensive pieces of kit in your home. Yet unlike so many other things we own – washing machines, fridges, boilers or even computers – repairing it isn’t always our first thought. But doing so is simpler, quicker and – crucially – cheaper than you might assume, especially minor fixes like adding new screens or batteries. And if your phone is only a few years old, parts will be readily available. Make sure you always go directly through the manufacturer itself or a certified service provider to ensure a reputable repair that lasts and doesn’t cause further problems.

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Get rid of your device the right way

Once you decide to upgrade your phone, don’t let the old one clutter up your home or throw it away. Instead, give it a new lease of life with O2 Recycle. Not only is this better for the environment then consigning old devices to landfill, you can earn some extra cash. For example, a Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB could be worth up to £50 (as at 10/01/2024), so long as it’s in fully working order. Plus, by sending us your old phone, you can also help us reduce e-waste, as many of your phone’s components can be reused in future devices. It’s a win-win.