What smartwatch is best for you?

Not sure which smartwatch would suit you? Our handy guide will help you choose the perfect model.

A smartwatch is like the Swiss army knife of wearable tech: it’s a sleek bit of kit with loads of different features. Once connected to your smartphone, it can send and receive texts, emails and social media notifications (you can even leave your mobile at home while wearing some models). As smartwatches generally have longer battery lives than phones, this makes them a useful backup device. Most can be customised with apps and let you make contactless payments. And a smartwatch can be very handy if you’re working towards personal wellbeing goals – whether you want to get better sleep or smash your PB on the running trail.

Interested in smartwatches, but not sure which model would suit you best? Discover which smartwatch is right for your lifestyle, needs and health and fitness goals.

person crouched down with a smartwatch on their wrist

The stylish lifestyle enhancer

With a beautifully minimal look, the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 is for you if you want a holistic overview of your wellness without sacrificing on style. Monitoring everything from sleep stages to blood oxygen levels, it can help improve your slumber by setting routines tailored to your body. Personal Heart Rate Zones will help you get the best out of workouts, while a meditation setting aids relaxation. If you want to predict your periods and fertility windows, it can do that too. And once connected to your Galaxy smartphone, you won’t need to carry your phone around with you all the time. That’s because the Galaxy Watch6 can make hands-free calls and contactless payments, send texts, stream music, keep tabs on your notifications and enjoy your favourite apps, all from your wrist. Refined design, endless possibilities.

person standing with a smartwatch on their wrist

Help by Google, Health by Fitbit

The scratch-resistant Google Pixel Watch Wifi comes packed with all the help you need to navigate daily life. There’s Google Maps to help you find your way. Google Wallet to make payments on the go. Gmail and Calendar to keep you on track. And Google Assistant will help you get more done with your voice: just say "Hey Google" to play music, respond to texts, get directions and more. Plus, Fitbit fitness tracking makes it easier than ever to stay on top of your health – while fall detection and Emergency SOS are always there if you need urgent help. Consider it your own PA, right on your wrist.

a smartwatch on a wrist

The sidekick for outdoor activity fanatics

With a rugged design and titanium body, the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro 4G can do everything a fitness tracker can – and more. Monitor your vitals for a comprehensive picture of your overall health. Trail biking, wild swimming or doing another workout off the beaten track? Import pre-plotted routes to receive turn-by-turn GPS instructions. Up to 80 hours’ battery life means you can extend your exploits, while sophisticated fall detection provides extra peace of mind for hikers and cyclists. And like the Galaxy Watch6, it comes with Samsung Pay and 4G call connectivity with O2. So you can make calls, send texts and stream music without your phone – making it an ideal companion for wild adventures and normal Tuesdays alike.

Published: 11 Sep 2023