Living better with tech

We want to make sure technology adds to the lives of families and young people, through better online safety, healthier digital habits, and sharing magical moments together.

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Breathe in, breathe out

We’re here to talk about living better with tech. It’s important because technology has a bigger, louder presence in our day to day lives so it’s easy to lose touch with those connections that make us all human.

At O2, we want to help families and young people make the most of their time together. Technology should be an enabler, not a distraction.

The world is so much bigger than all our devices. Take time to breathe it all in.

Six tips for a better relationship with technology

Chat about what’s right for you and your family

As with many things, what works for one family may not work for another. Try having a conversation together about what balance and healthy digital habits mean to you. The online world is an exciting place – explore it together whilst having a conversation about how to be safe, kind and get the most out of your technology in a way that works for you.

Manage your alerts so you’re only interrupted by the important stuff

Take some time out to review the notifications you get. Most apps notify you by default, but you may find them distracting. Have a look at your notification settings and take control of your phone, so it works for you as and when you need it. Check out our helpful tutorials on how to adjust the notification settings of your device, or pop in store and speak to one of our Gurus.

Clear the clutter

When’s the last time you did a spring clean of your phone? Have a think about what apps you no longer use and whether you could remove some of them altogether.

Think about your sleep hygiene

Have you considered turning your phone off for an hour before bedtime? Or charging it in a different room over night? Removing your phone from your bedroom or taking a break before you go to sleep may help you unwind at night. And it could form an important part of your kid’s bedtime routine, helping them to prepare for an uninterrupted night’s sleep. Out of sight, out of mind.

The digital diet

Do you ever think about how the images and information you consume every day affect you? Reflecting on how you feel after looking at your social media feed or reading a particular news outlet may be a helpful way of working out the best digital diet for you. You may want to change who you follow, how you stay up to date, or even the information and images you share.


Stay up to date

There are lots of opportunities out there to learn and be inspired. As a family, explore some apps that are educational and use the online world to make the offline better. And if you’d like to know more about what apps your kids are already using, have a look at Net Aware which offers tips and advice on the top kids apps.

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Things you should know

Where can I find advice about how to use my device?

Have a look at our help and support pages for more information on your device.

I’m concerned about the content my children are looking at online, what should I do?

To keep kids safe online, we filter and block 18+ sites, as classified by the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification). Take a look at how we use age verification on our help pages.

Where can I find out more about online safety for kids?

You can find out more about how we’re helping to keep kids safe online on our NSPCC page. You can also pop into your local O2 store and chat to an O2 Guru or call our free online safety advice line on 0808 8005002.

How do I set up parental controls on my devices?

You can set up the parental control service, which makes sure your children can only go to sites that are suitable for them. Go to our parental control advice to find out how.

What does the tech jargon mean?

We know not everyone understands the techy stuff, so we’ve put together a jargon buster to help you understand the terms you might not be familiar with.

How do I get Family Plan discounts?

If you’re already an O2 customer, you might be able to register for Family Plan discounts using our text service. You’ll need to have a lead connection, and at least one additional connection, on an eligible O2 Refresh or sim only tariff. To get the discount, you’ll need to register each additional connection within 28 days of getting them. Check our eligibility terms. If you’re on an eligible tariff, text LOYALTY to 21500 and follow the instructions to register from your phone. We’ll text you confirmation once the discount has been added.

You can add 20 eligible connections to your Family Plan - we’ll ask you for the mobile numbers you want to add. Make sure you include all numbers registered to your billing account, so we can give you the right discount.

Other ways to get in touch

Call our free advice line 0800 085 7002. Talk to us 5 days a week Mon to Fri 9am – 7pm. Or book a session with an O2 Guru.