How to use a smartwatch

Wake up calls. Workouts. Weather reports. Everything you need to get through the day, right on your wrist.

Get smartwatch savvy

You can always rely on your smartwatch to help you stay on track. Learn more about your sleeping patterns, keep up to date with the traffic, plus, more. Just pair it with your phone, and you’ll have everything you need, right there, at the end of your arm. Read on to see how your watch can make your day.

person stretching on a bed

Smartwatch for sleep

Wearing a smartwatch to bed is a great way to monitor your sleeping patterns. You’ll be able to check it the minute you wake up to see how well you really sleep. If you’re someone that struggles to get up in the morning, you can use it to set an alarm, so you don’t get off to a late start.

person checking their watch

Track your health and fitness

High intensity or low impact? Whatever workouts you're into, an Apple Watch, FitBit or any of our other smartwatches will track your exercise. Watching what you eat? You can check how many calories you've burnt, as well as monitor your overall fitness level. If you're one for the water choose one that’s waterproof, so you can dive straight into your water sport workouts.

watch on someone's wrist

Never miss a thing

Leave your phone in your pocket, you won’t need to keep checking it. Get call, text and email notifications straight to your watch - great for when you’re on the go. Got plans? You can even check the trains, traffic and weather before you head out.

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