Huawei Mobile Services

Instead of using Google apps, Huawei devices have their own ecosystem of apps, cloud storage, personal ID and security.

Introducing Huawei Mobile Services

From saving photos to personalising your screens and setting up passwords, you can enjoy an experience that's fast, smooth and seamless.

Huawei Mobile Services is a new suite of tools designed to bring you everything you need. It’s available on new Huawei devices, starting with their latest flagship range of smartphones, the P40 series.


Phone Clone will transfer your existing apps, photos, contacts and other data from your old phone to your new Huawei.


AppGallery is a one-stop shop to get the apps you need, specially developed by Huawei. It has over 400 million users in over 170 countries, with more than a million apps to choose from.


What is the AppGallery?

AppGallery is the official platform developed by Huawei for distributing apps, where you can search for and download apps. It features a four-layer detection mechanism to ensure app security.

Huawei AppGallery has over 400 million active users in 170+ countries, offering people a great way to install the apps they want. The Huawei AppGallery also has over one million apps worldwide, and has had over 180 billion cumulative downloads in the past year.

What operating system will be pre-installed on my Huawei device?

New Huawei Mobile Services devices come pre-installed with the latest Android AOSP (Android Open Source Project) and the latest EMUI, Huawei's self-developed user interface platform. For more details on the Android AOSP and EMUI versions, please check the specifications section featured on the device page.

Do these devices support Google Mobile Services (GMS)?

Huawei Mobile Services devices do not support GMS. Users will have access to apps in the Huawei AppGallery, which is pre-installed on Huawei smartphones and tablets, or from elsewhere on the internet.

Google apps aren’t available on Huawei Mobile Services devices. Apps that aren’t pre-installed include Google Maps, Gmail, Google Search, YouTube, Chrome, Google Drive, Google Play Store, Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Grab, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Waze, etc.

Being without GMS means some Android apps that require GMS support might not work properly on Huawei phones and tablets. If you’re unable to access a specific app, you can try accessing it through your phone browser or tablet web broswer and create shortcuts on your home screen to the relevant websites.

Huawei is working with global app developers to continuously improve the Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) platform and offer a premium user experience.

If the device doesn’t have GMS, how do I use Google apps?

Currently, it’s not possible to download Google apps on new Huawei devices. However, all Huawei smartphones and tablets come with pre-installed, easy-to-use apps such as Huawei Browser to easily browse the web, and Huawei Cloud for safe and secure cloud storage.

You can transfer most of your existing apps (such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Spotify) via the Phone Clone app from your current handset to your new Huawei device. The pre-installed Huawei AppGallery has lots of top apps, including Depop, TikTok, Microsoft Office and many more. It also includes download links for apps like Facebook and WhatsApp.

There are also some great alternative apps that you can explore such as

For apps like Gmail or YouTube, you can use the web browser version.

It’s important to remember that not all apps will have been optimised by developers for non-GMS devices, so individual app experiences may vary depending on the level of GMS integration into the app.

What if I can't find the app I want in Huawei AppGallery?

The Huawei AppGallery is a work in progress. You can add your app request to Huawei’s wishlist in the AppGallery, and you’ll be notified when it’s available.

Also, the Huawei Community has help & support from Huawei fans across the UK, which will help you to unlock the full potential of your device.

Will I be able to use Facebook, Twitter and other apps?

Yes – Facebook, Twitter and some other apps can be downloaded directly from their respective websites.

Will I be able to download Google apps in the future?

Huawei is in close communication with Google, but we can't comment on what other companies are doing right now.

What alternatives will Huawei provide to replace Google apps and services, like GPS navigation?

There’s plenty of choice in AppGallery, including a variety of apps for navigation (including HereWeGo), email and video content. You can also download apps from other app stores and websites.

Is it safe to download/install GMS on Huawei phones or tablets?

Huawei strongly recommends that you use AppGallery to download apps. It’s designed to deliver a safe and secure user experience and features a professional four-layer security system designed to detect malicious behaviour, facilitate privacy checks and ensure app security.

You can choose to install Google apps and services if you like, but your experience using these apps may vary, and Huawei won’t offer support or accept any responsibility if you decide to download and install them.

Do Huawei Mobile Services devices have security updates?

Yes – Huawei will provide security updates to keep all their devices secure. AppGallery features a four-layer detection mechanism to ensure that apps featured on the platform are safe to download and use, and apps downloaded from other sources will be checked by Huawei’s built-in virus scanner.

Can I use Google Search on HUAWEI Browser?

Yes – you can access all Google-operated websites on the phone or tablet's built-in Huawei Browser.

What is Phone Clone, and is it safe?

Phone Clone can be used to migrate most of your data, such as contacts, photos, calendar entries and apps, from your current phone or tablet to your new Huawei device. Any personal information in your apps, like usernames and passwords, won’t be stored or transferred.

Does my device support In-App Purchases (IAP)?

Google Pay isn’t available, but Huawei devices support in-app purchases via payment card and Charge to Mobile.