What is O2 Open?

O2 Open is an employee perks scheme.

How can I find out if my employer has signed up for O2 Open?

You’ll need to check with your employer’s HR or benefits manager to see if they’re registered for O2 Open. If they are, you’ll need to ask them for the five-character O2 Open company code which is unique to your employer. Alternatively, you can text OPEN, followed by your company's name, to 61202 or pop into an O2 store.

Are there any tariffs and plans not eligible for O2 Open?

Pay As You Go, non-O2 Refresh tariffs, sharer plans, and business accounts aren’t included in the O2 Open scheme. Sim only deals and contracts not bought directly from O2 are also not included.

What O2 Open discounts are available?

For O2 Airtime Plans with 3GB of data or more a month, you can get a 25% discount on the Airtime Plan. And, for plans with less than 3GB of data, you can get a 15% discount on the Airtime Plan.

How many O2 Open discounts can I have?

At any one time, you can have a maximum of two O2 Open discounts: one on the Airtime Plan of an O2 Refresh phone tariff, and one on the Airtime Plan of an O2 Refresh tablet or Mobile Broadband data tariff. The O2 Refresh Airtime Plan covers the monthly cost of your calls, texts and data. The discount doesn't apply to your Device Plan, which is the monthly cost of your device

Can I request an O2 Open discount at any time?

You need to request the O2 Open discount within 28 days of the start of your O2 Refresh contract.

What do I need to do to get my O2 Open discounts?

There are three quick and easy steps that you need to complete to have your O2 Open discount applied.


Step 1 -Registration

Start by signing in to My O2 Open using your My O2 username and password. You’ll need the five-character O2 Open company code that you’ll get from your employer or by texting OPEN, followed by your company's name, to 61202.


Step 2 – Verify your registration

When you register, we need to confirm that you work for the company or organisation, so you’ll need to give us a valid work email address. We’ll send a validation link to this email and you will need to click this link to complete the validation. Alternatively, you can give us your National Insurance number and upload a recent copy of your payslip. We will check these details and send you an email to your personal email address to let you know that you’ve been validated successfully. This will take up to three days.


Step 3 – Apply your discount

Once we’ve verified your registration, you can log back into My O2 Open and select the number you would like the discount to be applied to. Once the O2 Open discount has been applied, it will continue for the remainder of your O2 Refresh contract. If you upgrade to a new O2 Refresh contract, you’ll need to reapply for the O2 Open discount.

Why am I not getting my verification email?

If you’ve used your work email address to sign up, you should receive a verification email. If you haven’t received it, speak to your employer’s benefits manager. They might need to whitelist news@o2-email.co.uk on your company’s mail server and anti-spam software. If you still can’t get hold of the verification email, try registering using your payslip.

Why do you need my payslip?

We’ll use your payslip to verify that you work for the company or organisation you’ve told us you work for. We don’t need to see any details other than your name, the date the payslip was issued, the company you work for and your National Insurance number. The remaining information can be hidden but ensure that we’re able to read the above information to avoid any delay on the discount being applied.

Will you keep my payslip information safe?

Yes, once your payslip has been approved, the stored payslip image will be deleted. If your application is declined, we will store the payslip image for up to a month to allow any problems to be resolved. Then, you’ll be able to start afresh and upload a new payslip. If you do this, the original payslip image will be deleted.

My O2 Refresh contract started more than 28 days ago. Can I still get an O2 Open discount?

If you're not ready to upgrade just yet or your minimum period hasn’t finished, that’s fine. Take your time and once you’re ready to upgrade, just remember to request an O2 Open discount within 28 days of upgrading to a new eligible O2 Refresh contract.

Are there any devices excluded from O2 Open?

You can check this on the O2 Open page.

I already have a discount – can I also have an O2 Open discount?

No, if you already have a discount in place then you won’t be able to add an O2 Open discount.

I’m currently with another service provider, but I’d like to move to O2 Open and keep my number – how do I do this?

It’s easy, and you can even keep your number. Simply get in touch with your current provider and ask them for a PAC code – this is the authorisation code that will let you transfer your number. Then give us your PAC code when you order online or take it in to your local O2 store and they’ll arrange the rest for you.

What if I want to leave O2 Open?

If you leave your company after signing up to O2 Open, or your company or organisation leaves O2 Open, you'll continue to get your O2 Open discount until the end of your O2 Refresh contract.

Who do I speak to if I have a problem with my discount?

To check the status of your O2 Open discounts, just log into My O2 Open. If you need further assistance, pop into an O2 store or get in touch.

Can I get a discount on anything else, like accessories?

Yes, we haven’t changed our O2 Open discounts on accessories, and you’ll still get 20% off in-store.

How do I get my accessories discount?

Just pop into an O2 store with proof of your employment to receive 20% off our accessories.

How do I share my discount with friends and family?

Once you’ve signed up to O2 Open, you’ll see two codes on your log in portal. You can share these with your family and friends, so they can claim a 25% discount on their O2 Refresh Airtime Plan, for the length of their Device Plan. They’ll need to put these in the online voucher code box or quote them to a phone advisor when they buy.

I’m a teacher – how do I add the O2 Open discount?

If you’re a state-funded teacher in the UK, then good news – you’re eligible for O2 Open. This includes if you work at a state-funded school, academy, free school, college or sixth form, but not at a higher education institution like a university. To add the discount, follow these instructions. Your five-character O2 Open code, or company code, is TEACH. When you’re asked to submit a copy of your payslip, you can either do this or you can choose to submit a copy of your ID badge, showing your name and the name of your employer.

How long does the O2 Open discount last for?

You’ll have your discount for the length of your Device Plan.

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