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Aura is your virtual assistant from O2. Get support and find out about your account by asking Aura. You can find Aura in the My O2 app.


What is Aura?

Aura is your virtual assistant from O2. You can find Aura in the latest version of the My O2 app. Find out more about My O2.

What can Aura tell me about my account?

In the My O2 app, Aura can tell you about your Pay Monthly account. That includes how much data you have left, how much your bill is this month, or why your bill’s higher or lower than normal.

What questions can I ask Aura?

You can ask Aura questions about billing, roaming, payments, new products and more. Try asking:

  • Can I use my phone abroad?
  • What is a Bolt On?
  • Can I get a Family Plan?
  • When can I upgrade?
  • Can I change my tariff?
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