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1) Registering for O2 World Chat

O2 World Chat has a simple sign up process. Open the app and you'll be asked to enter your telephone number. You'll then receive a text with a PIN - enter this and you'll go straight into the app and can start making cheap international calls

O2 World Chat's available to anyone on a UK mobile network. If you're not with us, there may be a charge to call the local access number - check any call charges for local numbers with your provider.

2) Using O2 World Chat

You can top up balance with a credit or debit card. Choose how much you want to top up and then enter your details. Once it's gone through, the new credit will appear in your credit tab. Your card's saved so you can simply add more credit without having to enter your details each time, but no details are saved on the app itself and the details are partially hidden to avoid misuse.

You can only make international calls from within the UK - you cannot use the app while roaming.

You will need wifi or data to download the app, sign up, add credit and to start calls. But the call is placed over the mobile network so once you're connected you don't need wifi or data. This also means that whoever you're calling will know it's you.

As the app is linked to your mobile number, you can download and sign up again with the same phone number when you get a new phone - your credit will be transferred with you.

If you change your number, make sure you use any remaining credit before hand as we cannot transfer credit between different accounts.

3) Refer a friend for free credit

Who can get the free credit?
Any user of O2 World Chat who has made one top up of at least £5.

How can I refer a friend?
Go to the More section in the app and share the app using the social media or direct messaging buttons.

How quickly will I get my free credit?
Once your friend has downloaded the app and made their first top up of at least £5, both users will receive their free credit within 48 hours.

Is there a limit to how many friends I can refer?
No, you can share the app with as many friends as you like.

What if I refer a friend who already has a registered O2 World Chat account?
You cannot earn free credit by referring friends who have a registered O2 World Chat account.

How can I use my free credit?
Your free credit will be added to your usual credit, but will be shown in your credit history as a separate transaction.

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