App pricing

Some third-party, or non-O2, apps are completely free, but some will only be free for a trial period, or ask you to pay more to access full content.

Check the small print before you download or buy an app.

In-app purchases

With some apps, you might be offered the chance to make in-app purchases – for example, to buy access to extra levels or new characters in a game.

These purchases can quickly add up, so it's best to change your settings so that your phone asks you to enter your password before charging your account.

Children and applications

Kids can run up expensive bills on games or apps if left unsupervised. Make sure it's understood that they need your permission to make any purchases.

We recommend that you don't give your children access to your password, as you'll be held responsible if they run up a large bill.

It's also important to note that on most phones you will be able to buy other apps and in-app purchases without re-entering a password for up to 15 minutes after making one purchase.

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To get more information on how app purchases and in-app purchases work on your phone, visit the relevant link below:

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