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Manage your Pay Monthly account with the O2 Ask app, from adding Bolt Ons to checking how much data you’ve got left. Talk to Aura to get your account and billing questions answered. And if you’ve got a question, just start a webchat with one of our advisors.

My Account

With O2 Ask, you can check your account and billing information, all in one place. You’ll see your My Account screen whenever you sign in to the app. And you can find everything you need in the three tabs – Usage, Services and History.


Here you’ll be able to check how much data you’ve got left, as well as your minutes and texts. Running low on your allowances? Just add a Bolt On.

You’ll be able to see any recent charges since your last bill. And if you want to make a payment, you can do that here as well.


This is where you can see your tariff and Device Plan details. Always running out of data, minutes or texts? It’s easy to change your tariff.

If you’re ready for a new phone, you can check your upgrade options and see any special offers tailored to you.

You can also use this section to manage your devices and check details like your IMEI and PUK. And you can stay up to date on what’s happening on our network.


Here you’ll be able to see and compare your previous bills. And you’ll get a detailed breakdown too, so you can check what you’ve used and when you used it.


Aura can answer all those account and billing questions on the tip of your tongue – all you have to do is ask. You can talk to Aura by voice or text. And because Aura’s designed to create a personalised experience, it’ll soon be able to let you know if you’re spending more than usual or if you’re running low on data.

If you can’t get an answer, just tap the ‘?’ icon and you’ll see a list of topics you can get help with. You can also ask Aura to transfer you to one of our advisors so you can get support over webchat. We’re available 7am–11pm, seven days a week, so it’s easier than ever to get help with your O2 account.

Who can use O2 Ask?

If you’re on a Pay Monthly contract with us, you can use O2 Ask to manage your numbers. This includes any extra mobile broadband or Pay As You Go accounts you might have. If you’ve got a single Pay As You Go account, you can use My O2. If you’re on a Business contract, go to My O2 Business.

How do I sign up?

O2 Ask is free to download from the App Store or Google Play Store. Just follow these steps to set it up:

  1. Download the app. You’ll need to use a device with either Android version 4.1 or later, or iOS 10 or later.
  2. If you sign up while you’re connected to our 4G network, we’ll recognise your number automatically. If you’re trying to set up a different number or you’re connected to wifi, tap ‘use another account’. We’ll then text you a six digit code to enter.
  3. Type in your My O2 login details and press continue.
  4. Set up a four digit pin. You can set up fingerprint recognition too, if you like.
  5. And that’s all there is to it. You’ll now be able to see your My Account page.
How do I change my settings?

Simple – just go to the settings section. You’ll be able to:

  • view and change your personal details, such as your billing address
  • view and change your security details, such as your security question
  • check your contact preferences and let us know how we should get in touch with you
  • change your O2 Ask login details
  • join in with the O2 Community to see what’s new, talk to other customers and get help.
Contacting an advisor

Need help with your account? Just start a webchat with an O2 advisor. You can do this by tapping the O2 logo in your contacts list.


Download the app for free on iOS or Android.

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