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Payment support

Help and support

Problems paying your bill? We're here to help.

We’re here to support you if you don’t think you’ll be able to pay your bill on time. There are lots of options we can discuss to help you when times get tough. Get in touch with our Payment Management Team who will find a solution that’s right for you. The options could include:

  • Changing your bill date
  • Moving you to a different tariff, if you’re on an O2 Refresh tariff bought on or after 22 March 2018
  • Adding or lowering your Spend Cap, if you have one
  • Keeping an eye on your usage and bill in My O2
  • Setting up an affordable repayment plan to help you clear your arrears. If we do this, we might restrict some of your services, to stop you incurring further charges
  • Moving you to Pay As You Go. If you’re in contract, there'll be an early termination fee in line with our terms.

Get in touch

You can reach the Payment Management team on 0800 902 0217.

The opening times are:
Monday to Friday – 8am to 8pm
Saturday – 8am to 6pm
Sunday – 9am to 6pm

Struggle to contact us over the phone?
If you find it difficult to access any of our services due to a disability or personal situation, you might find it helpful to register for our Access For You service. Once you’re registered, we can tailor our services to you whenever you contact us. This means you'll only have to tell us about your requirements once.

Failed payments

Sometimes your Direct Debit payment might fail. If this happens we’ll try to take the payment again. We’ll also send you a text to let you know we haven’t had your payment. You can check your bill amount and pay your bill in My O2 if your Direct Debit fails.

Late payments

If you don’t get in touch to discuss your options and are late making your payment, we’ll text to remind you that your bill is overdue.

If we don’t hear from you and you’re unable to make your payment, we’ll have to restrict your services. You won’t be able to make calls, send SMS or use data until you make payment. We’ll also charge a late payment fee of £3.50 on your next airtime bill.

If you’re unable to pay your outstanding balance and we still don’t hear from you, we’ll have to cancel your contract. You’ll still be liable for the early termination fee, in line with our terms. If we still can’t reach a payment agreement with you, we’ll pass on any debt to a third party agency. They might add their own charges and fees to recover the debt. This will have an effect on your credit report.

Your credit score

Missing and late payments can seriously affect your credit score and your chances of getting credit in the future. Want to learn more about your credit score? Here are some agencies you can get in touch with:

Support and advice

If you’re struggling to pay your bills, there are organisations and charities that offer free and independent advice. Here are some you can get in touch with if you need support: 

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