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Micro sim

The Micro sim

For phones that use the smaller sim

Some phones now use a micro sim. Like iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, Nokia Lumia 800 and Samsung Galaxy SIII.

When you buy a new phone from us, we'll give you a micro sim if your need one.

But if you're an existing O2 customer and want to get a micro sim in advance, you're in the right place. Just fill in the form and we'll post one to you.

Once your sim arrives, visit our simswap page to find out how to swap your current standard sim to your new micro sim. There's no need to call us.

You get nice extras like these with every one of our sim only deals:
Recycle your old mobile phone or other gadgets online with O2 and make some money. We'll send you a cheque or pay cash into a bank account.
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O2 Gurus are here to help for free: online, in our shops and on the phone.
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