Data-only SIM

Power up your tablets and dongles on the go with O2 data plans. 

Choose a Data Only SIM Card Deal

Choose one of our SIM only deals, and get online when you're out and about. We've got a range of 30 day Pay Monthly deals for you to choose from, so you can get all the data you need. 

If you want the freedom of topping up when you want, you can grab a free Pay As You Go data SIM and add data when you need it. Or get a preloaded one to get going straight away. 

Whatever option you go for, you can still connect to our O2 WiFi hotspots across the UK, for free. 
Find your nearest hotspot.

Tariff documents

Your Tariff documents contain important information about your plan, to help you decide if it's right for you.

 2GB data - preloaded SIM   

  8GB data - preloaded SIM

 15GB data - preloaded SIM     

 120GB data - preloaded SIM


How does data only SIM work?

Choose one of our SIM data deals and we'll send a preloaded card with a mobile broadband number and data ready to use. Insert it into your tablet or dongle and follow a few simple setup instructions to access 4G and 5G ready cellular internet on a Pay As You Go plan. You'll get an O2 account to check your balance, manage settings, and top up as you please.

How much data do I need on a data only SIM card deal?
 Stay connected on a contract-free data plan that's best for your budget. It's easy to top up whenever you need more with O2 PAYG. Video streaming, sharing files, playing online games, and browsing popular social media apps are some of the most intensive activities that benefit from our largest data plans, especially on your travels. 

How do I top up O2 data SIMs?
 When you’ve used 80% of your data, we’ll send a message to the Mobile Broadband Manager or Connection Manager of your dongle or to the Messages folder on your tablet. And we’ll send you another when you’ve completely run out – with a link to our top-up pages, in case you want some more. You can also head to or your browser and you should be redirected to the top-up page.

Which tablets have SIM card slots?

Popular tablets such as Apple iPads, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, and Lenovo Tabs come with SIM card slots. Tablets that only connect to Wi-Fi networks do not have slots for cellular capability so make sure to check your model.