Our Blueprint

Why we're doing this

More about why we’re doing this

The digital revolution is re-shaping the way we live, work and interact.

As a digital provider and an acknowledged sustainability leader, we have an opportunity to contribute to the future by through our ability to help with change.

We have a responsibility to do our best for people and the planet. We’re convinced of technology's ability to support the future by offering new solutions for our customers. We understand the power of partnership. And we know that, through Our Blueprint, we can help people live easier, better lives.

Through Our Blueprint, we encourage collaboration and action and give everyone the opportunity to get involved. With Blueprint 2, we set out the steps we're taking to fulfil our ambition to help 20 million people live better with technology by 2020.

Disrupt and deliver

We’re sure that mobile will continue to play an important role in life, giving us all the chance to do more. Our customers are excited by the possibilities. But they want to be in control. To know with certainty that round-the-clock connectivity is safe and ready for the future.

Our ambition draws on the possibilities of our connected lives, allowing us to create more opportunities for everyone to embrace and reap the rewards of the digital world.

We plan to realise technology's potential to promote wellbeing and social mobility and to cut people's energy use, costs and waste on a meaningful scale. This works on the basis that, no matter their individual impact, our solutions combine to make change far easier and add up to something far bigger.


We’re creating a flexible framework that inspires innovation, creativity and fresh thinking, using technology to influence social and environmental change.

Our first Blueprint highlighted the need to be nimble enough to respond to volatile market conditions, the pace of technology change and the circumstances and challenges that concern our customers ̶ now and in future.

As technology develops at such rapid speed, so must our business strategy which, for the most positive results, must work with Our Blueprint.

We've revisited our approach. We know that we must make public commitments to drive innovation and investment in the future, but we've learnt that in order to grow our impact, we must adapt to people's changing needs and the fast pace of our industry.

Our Blueprint is underpinned by our core beliefs, which we look to follow every day.

Agents of change

Collaboration across likeminded companies, different sectors and geographies is essential to achieving change on a scale that we couldn’t achieve on our own.

In our relationships, we'll work with partners and global suppliers to make a difference. In our company, we'll create opportunities for our customers to be part of the solution. In our choices, we'll support our employees to do the right thing.

Together we can all play a part in tackling issues for society, improving social mobility, keeping people safe online, protecting the environment and combating climate change.