Our track record in responsible business.

Virgin Media O2 has launched its new Better Connections plan, bringing O2’s Blueprint sustainability strategy to a close.

O2’s Blueprint, the third edition of the company’s responsible business plan, was launched in August 2020, setting out its social and environmental commitments to building a greener future. This included a 2025 net zero target for its operations – to help society thrive, and to foster a responsible and inclusive business culture.

Our blueprint

Our Blueprint to date

The company’s environmental achievements so far include a 52% reduction of carbon emissions (from a 2015 baseline), an annual reduction of 27%, and the use of 100% renewable electricity at all sites where the bill can be controlled. Virgin Media O2’s commitment to climate action is only strengthened in the new Better Connections plan, with a target of net zero across all operations, products and supply chains by 2040. Plus, O2’s award-winning, six-year partnership with the NSPCC concluded in November 2021, having created numerous online safety resources, including the flagship Net Aware website which helped 7.7 million adults take action towards keeping children safe online.


Our Blueprint (2016-2019)

This set out the ambition to help 20 million people live better with tech by 2020. We wanted to help people to navigate and enjoy the digital world safely, while delivering digital solutions that help our customers to reduce their impact on the planet.

For more information view our progress report.

O2 vs CO2

Our Blueprint (2012-2015)

Our first Blueprint sustainability plan pledged to:

  • help 1 million young people develop skills for life and lead community projects across the UK
  • develop products and services to help 10 million people live in easier, more sustainable ways
  • deliver carbon benefits to customers that are 10 times the impact of our network.



Our blueprint

Find out more

You can read more here about the new Better Connections Plan and how the company is reducing its impact on the climate, increasing the circularity of its products, supercharging its presence in communities and building a more equitable company. Or, for more in-depth information about Virgin Media and O2’s social and environmental performance, take a look at Virgin Media O2’s Annual Report and Financial Statements.

More about our Better Connections Plan