Our Blueprint

Universal charger

Wouldn't it be great if you didn't need a new charger every time you changed your phone?

Why? According to recent estimates, there are over 100 million mobile phone chargers in the UK alone. Our industry trade association, GSMA estimates that between 51,000 and 82,000 tonnes of phone chargers are produced every year. And every time a charger is produced or disposed of, there's an environmental cost.

We were the first UK network to introduce a universal charger as a stepping stone to reducing the number of chargers. Launched in December 2008, it comes with interchangeable leads to make it compatible with most brands of mobile phone.

Long-term, we hope to see the industry stop providing chargers automatically with every new handset. Along with many key telecommunications companies, we're working towards a standard charger for all mobile phones.

Energy efficient

Mobile phone charging has a significant environmental impact. Our charger cuts energy consumption by up to 70% compared to standard mobile chargers previously available. Heat loss has been minimised. And it contains a power control system, so once the battery's fully charged, energy loss is reduced to an absolute minimum, even if it's left switched on.

We're continuing to develop our charger, making it even more energy efficient. Our next universal charger will also be flat-packable, making it easier to post with less packaging – and therefore less waste.