Our Blueprint

Sim only tariffs

With our sim only deals, customers can enjoy the benefits of O2, without having to get a new handset.

Customers can continue to use the phone they already have. And keep their existing number – only the sim changes.

The environmental benefits are clear: a reduced demand for new phones, an increased handset lifecycle and fewer phones to be disposed of.

Carbon savings

Excluding the impact of operating the O2 network, the impact of producing each new handset and charging it across its lifetime is typically about 25 kg of CO2 (excluding the operation of the network). That's a carbon saving equivalent to driving a family car about 160 km.

Now that might not sound like much. But we currently have around two million sim only tariff customers – that's a carbon saving equivalent to taking almost 18,000 cars off the road.

We have both Pay As You Go and Pay Monthly tariffs, so customers can choose the payment option that suits them.

Our sim packs

In 2008 Telefónica O2 UK investigated the carbon footprint of our supply chain. One of the key learnings from this research was the sizable impact associated with the delivery of sim packs to O2 customers.

Every time we send out a new sim, it's part of a pack. We knew that we had many different sim packs, and that some of them may be bigger than necessary, but what our carbon footprint showed was how big the impact was.

With sim manufacture in Asia, delivery to Europe for packaging, re-delivery back to Asia for insertion into handset packs, and final distribution back to Europe, each sim was travelling a distance of 18,000 kilometres. More importantly, there was much unnecessary packaging travelling around the world, too.

That's why we've radically altered O2 sim packs. We've streamlined the number of sim pack variations and we are working to reduce the size of the sims and their plastic surrounds by over 50%.we've also reduced our allocated terms and conditions and other marketing material. In total we've seen a reduction in the overall pack weight of 65%.