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Charger out of the box

Charger out of the box

Charger out of the box is our initiative that sees mobile phones being sold without chargers as standard.  We’re the first UK based network to take this bold step.

Our estimates show that there are more than 100 million unused chargers lying around in UK homes and offices. That's a lot of chargers and a lot of waste. With an estimated 30 million new phones purchased each year in the UK – the problem is growing.

Now that standardised chargers are available on the market, it’s likely that people will have compatible chargers at home already.

Mobile phones will come with a micro-USB to USB charging cable, which can be used for charging from a computer or any USB compatible charger. And if customers find that they really do need a charger, we’ll be able to provide them with one at a discounted price.

Launched as part of our first Blueprint sustainability plan, this initiative reduces the amount of resources used in the manufacturing and packaging process, the amount of waste sent to the landfill and the amount of fuel used for transport.

This step is bold and challenging, creating huge environmental savings.