Our Blueprint

Energy efficiency

O2 consumes 0.1% of all the electricity generated in the UK, and our products have an ongoing impact on energy consumption, mainly when being charged.

As a growing network, our consumption is likely to rise, especially given customer demands for ever more content and storage.

But as a sustainable business, it's important we reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact where possible, while meeting our customer needs.

Leading by example

In recognition of our efforts until now, we've been awarded the Carbon Trust's Carbon Standard. We were the first UK network to achieve this.

But there's much more to do. By the end of 2011 we want to be recognised as a UK leader in sustainable business. And by 2015, we aim to have achieved a 30% improvement in energy efficiency, compared to our 2007 figure.

To help us get there, smart-metering has being introduced across the business – and we plan to introduce an additional 4,500 smart meters.

Air-conditioning has been removed from some of our sites, and has been replaced with free cooling fan boxes. We're using LPG generators to power parts of the business and are looking at the use of micro-wind turbines to power remote sites.

Environmental efficiency is also a key concern when we assess and work with our suppliers.

New ways of working

We're also looking at ways we can encourage video-conferencing, home-working and green travel policies like car-sharing. Our Tomorrow's Workspace programme looks at ways smart technology can create a greener and more productive business environment.

We accept that our responsibilities to the environment don't end once our products are in customers' hands. We've introduced an energy efficient universal charger, and a range of services like paperless billing. Our aim is to ensure our customers can use our network while minimising the cost to the environment.

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