Our Blueprint


We're committed to doing all we can to protect the environment, and to helping others do the same.

And because of the nature of our business, we've got great opportunities to do so. By helping people connect with each other using technology, we can make it easier for people to meet without travelling, and exchange information without relying on physical materials like newspapers or DVDs.

Making change happen

How does being committed to the environment affect us as a business? Well, for a start, it means we need to improve our energy efficiency, reduce our carbon emissions, and generally get our own house in order.

It also means working with environmental and socially aware organisations like the Carbon Trust, BITC, Forum for the Future and Global Action Plan.

We're also doing what we can to embed sustainability in our products and services. From recycling schemes to paperless billing, we're trying to make it easier for our customers to do their bit too.

Sustainability Stores

We're taking a long, hard look at our retail operations and focusing on every aspect of our stores, to see how we can make them more sustainable.

So we're looking at ways we can reduce point of sale collateral, energy consumption and waste. We're auditing the way we undertake re-fits. And we're aiming to give our customers the information to make more sustainable decisions, via our Eco rating programme.

We're already seeing the results. For example, in 2010:

  • Our paper point of sale material reduced by 20%, through a project to better map store area and advertising space to materials requirements.
  • We're adding an additional 10% to our store refit budgets to better integrate sustainability performance into our store design.
  • We've seen a reduction in paper use across our retail estate of 1.5m A4 sheets per annum.