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We believe everyone should have the digital solutions to reduce their impact on the planet.

The challenge

Carbon emissions and climate change, mounting electronic waste and dwindling natural resources - our world is in trouble if we don't act fast.

It's fact. Our planet is warming. And across the world every day, people face challenging environmental issues that make them vulnerable.

That’s why we aim to develop products and services that help people contribute to a lower-carbon economy, zero waste and the re-use of materials in products time and again.

The opportunity

In response to customer insight and with the support of our partners, we've already taken big steps to give people the ability to rate, reduce, recycle and re-use mobile devices. These initiatives cover the lifecycle of the phones we sell: Eco rating; charger out of the box; sim only tariffs; O2 Recycle and the sale of refurbished devices.

By partnering with customers and suppliers and developing products and services that reduce our combined environmental impact, we can make climate change real for our customers, giving them practical tools to make a difference in their lives.

Focus areas

Whether through machine-to-machine technologies and digital apps that promote fuel efficiency, or flexible working services for our business customers that avoid the environmental cost of travel, we aim to give customers and communities more opportunities to take action.

We’re also working with the UK government, partner businesses, peers and other agencies to save energy use and money through the gradual move to remote-controlled smart homes, smart working, smart travel and the smart grid.

We know that in the short term, as our sector’s influence grows and customers increasingly opt for data-rich services, it’s likely that our own absolute emissions will grow. To address this, we’ll look to further the efficiency of our network/operations and to minimise our impact every day.

We'll also calculate the benefits, including reduced carbon emissions, afforded by our products and services. Carbon mitigation will keep us on track to meet our obligations well beyond our first Blueprint.