Our Blueprint

More opportunities

About more opportunities

We believe everyone should have the means and skills to thrive in a digital world.

The challenge

Digital technology, mobile in particular, is helping to give more and more people instant and constant access to the possibilities of the online world.

It can also challenge inequalities by providing services, information and opportunities; connect people and communities wherever they are; and boost future economic growth.

But people need access to these services – including those in deprived areas, people who lack skills or opportunities, or those with a disability or impairment.

2.3 million UK digital workers are needed by 2020, and young people, a generation that's grown up with the internet, are best placed to fill this gap.

Yet, despite their digital agility, young can struggle to prepare for and find employment.

Job insecurity and rising educational and socioeconomic inequalities mean that many face an uncertain future, and the gap between aspiration and reality continues to grow.

The opportunity

We have a role to play in providing more opportunities for people to collaborate, learn, share, pool ideas and create positive change together, and to build on the quality and impact of those opportunities. Take a look at our first Blueprint's results.

We want to make sure no one’s excluded from making the best of technology, and we want to help people in their homes, workplaces and communities enjoy the social, environmental and economic opportunities of 24/7 connectivity.

We especially want to encourage a generation of young people to learn new skills, lead positive change in their communities and launch careers that suit them best.

Whether it's inspiring social action that brings a community together and brings positive social change. Working with other businesses to offer young people access to work experience and apprenticeships. Or enabling whole communities to connect (trialled in St Helens, Merseyside in 2015). We want to make more things possible for more people.

As well as our ongoing work with young people, we're rolling out greater rural network coverage to give everyone the chance to live better with technology.