Our Blueprint

More confidence

About more confidence

We believe everyone should have the confidence to enjoy the digital world safely.

The challenge

Technology is everywhere: in our pockets, homes, workspaces, cars, our family and social lives.

Digital allows people to do more and, with its ability to engage many millions, is proven to be a force for good, enabling people to make positive choices, connect to their communities and learn new skills.

And yet it can feel overwhelming, especially if people feel they’re losing control of things like privacy, data protection, and how to keep their children safe online.

The opportunity

We have the opportunity to give people peace of mind, knowing that we'll help them to understand how technology can support families and communities, the way people live, work, travel, consume and socialise.

This includes what we do to manage people's personal data and rights to privacy, and how we help families to protect children from online risk.

We’re also eager to provide a safe environment for customers, to promote digital confidence in communities and make sure that, regardless of age, gender or ability, everyone can access and reap the benefits of technology.

Focus areas

We've joined forces with the NSPCC to help parents and children stay safe online. Our aim is to give parents the know-how and confidence to talk regularly with their children about the opportunities and risks of the online world.

Our mission is to let children make more informed choices about the information they share, and how and with whom they connect online.

This landmark partnership between O2 and the UK's leading child protection charity means that now, and in the coming years, parents can rely on:

  • a free helpline (0800 800 5002) offering advice on parental controls, privacy settings, social media, gaming and more
  • online safety workshops for parents and carers in schools and workplaces
  • NSPCC-trained O2 staff to help with safety concerns
  • Online resources, including reviews from parents and children on the most popular apps, and advice on everything from stranger danger to online addiction.

Together, we'll help to keep kids safe online and create a safer internet for everyone.