Think Big Blueprint

  • We're working with people to help them live better with tech.
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Our Think Big Blueprint

Our first Blueprint successfully shaped our business plan and culture. In the next phase of our journey (Blueprint 2), we want to help 20 million people to live better with technology by 2020.

Our strategy is designed to meet our customers' changing needs. We want to:

  • create digital products and services that help customers change their lives for the better
  • help society as a whole, not just our customers
  • improve people’s lives, now and in the future
  • grow our social and environmental influence through the partnerships we make.

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Our beliefs

More confidence, more opportunities, and more solutions. We use these beliefs to help our customers live and work towards a brighter future.

By applying these beliefs to everything we do, we aim to:

  • help the UK stay safe online by teaming up with organisations like the NSPCC
  • create more opportunities to help young people thrive
  • do our bit to help people reduce their impact on the planet.

We'll make sure, too, that doing the right thing remains a way of life at O2

And we’re doing well so far. Over 12 million people have benefitted from our products and services, helping them to use tech to live better lives. Read our progress report to find out more on what we’ve been up to.