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Like New

Our Like New range of refurbished phones have either been returned to us from O2 customers or sourced from the open market.​

​Like New phones are wiped of all data and restored to factory settings. O2 have a strict criterion of checks that test the functionality and appearance of all Like New phones. Some checks may not be applicable or relevant to certain phones. Each Like New phone goes through at least 40 checks and will arrive with at least 80% battery health.​

​Upon delivery, there may be signs of wear on your Like New phone but it should be free from deep dents and scratches. Your Like New phone will come with a USB charging cable and a tool to change the SIM (SIM pin). To avoid e-waste, a mains plug is not included with any Like New phone. No other accessories and user guides are included. Like New phones are delivered in an O2 branded box and not the original packaging.