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Terms & conditions

Like New

Our Like New phones are phones that have been returned to us under a customer’s 14 day cooling off period, or warranty replacements. All phones have been fully restored to their original state and tested for extra peace of mind.

What to expect from a Like New Device:

  • Possible superficial scratches on the back, side and screen
  • No cracks on the screen
  • No more than 5 deep scratches or chips of up to 2mm in length
  • Security wiped with no content or contacts
  • Comes with the latest operating system
  • Comes in an O2 branded box, not in original packaging
  • 12 months warranty

Packaging and user guides

All of our refurbs are delivered in an O2 branded box, so don’t come with the original packaging, and don’t include a charger, headset, sim pin or user guide. If you need a user guide, you can can find it on the manufacturer's website.