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O2 Travel Pay Monthly terms

We’re in the process of moving every O2 account over to a new and improved system. This new system will give you a better experience when you’re talking to our customer service teams and when you’re making purchases. It’ll also make it faster for us to develop and deliver new products to everyone on O2. To find out if you’re on the new system yet, ask us on Live Chat or over the phone.

These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) have been updated pursuant to Clause 8 of these Terms, to include O2 Travel Inclusive Zones. These updated terms are effective from 22 March 2018 and apply to anyone using O2 Travel from that date

  1. O2 Travel is available to Consumer Pay Monthly customers and can be obtained as:
    1. a paid subscription, with 120 minutes, 120 texts and data in all our O2 Travel destinations (“O2 Travel Subscription”); and / or
    2. a free service in selected destinations only, as an offer on eligible tariffs (“O2 Travel Inclusive Zone”);
  2. In order to benefit from access to all O2 Travel destinations, you must be registered for and opt in to an O2 Travel Subscription.
  3. If you opt in, O2 Travel may take up to 24 hours to be applied to your account. If you choose to opt out of the O2 Travel Subscription, you will be charged our standard roaming rates. For details of these rates, please visit o2.co.uk/international.
  4. O2 Travel is available in selected destinations and a portion of which (“Inclusive Zones”) are included in “O2 Travel Inclusive Zones”. O2 Travel destinations and Inclusive Zones may be subject to change from time to time. For more details on O2 Travel including a list of the destinations where O2 Travel is available please visit -http://international.o2.co.uk/internationaltariffs/travelling_abroad.

O2 Travel Daily Allowances

  1. Your O2 Travel daily allowance (“Daily Allowance”) is subject to a daily cap of 120 minutes for dialled and received calls and 120 texts per day, and excludes calls and texts to premium rate numbers. MMS is also excluded and will be charged at a domestic rate.
  2. Daily Allowances will apply:
    1. if you are on our old system: from midnight to midnight local time (based on the capital city of the country you're in); or
    2. if you are on our new system: for 24 hours from: (i) the first use of any data; (ii) the first voice call you make back to the UK, including Voicemail (901) retrieval and voice calls; or (iii) the first text message sent back to the UK, whilst in your selected destination.
    To find out if you’re on the new system ask us on Live Chat or over the phone.
  3. If Daily Allowances are exceeded, then the standard roaming rates of the selected destination will automatically apply. For details of standard roaming rates visit: http://international.o2.co.uk/internationaltariffs/travelling_abroad
  4. There’s no fixed data allowance with O2 Travel, so to manage traffic we may slow down the service. We may also slow down the service if you reach a level of data consumption which we deem to be excessive, network affecting, affecting the use of other customers or usage that is not in accordance with your terms of service. This will be more than 150MB of general data or more than 50MB of streamed video or audio data (the "assumed fair usage amounts”) in a day. Audio and video streaming are available with O2 Travel but the quality of the audio/video will be optimised for a mobile device. The speed available for file transfer, online gaming, peer to peer downloads and network back-up services is restricted and may not work with O2 Travel. You can view our traffic management policy here.
  5. You may not use your Smartphone as a personal hotspot connection (this is also known as tethering) while using data on O2 Travel.
  6. If travelling between countries where O2 Travel is applicable, within the same 24 hour period then the data usage, call minutes and text allowance will be based on UK time.
  7. Any unused and assumed fair usage amount of data will not carry over to the following day.
    Any unused and assumed Daily Allowances will not carry over to the following day.

Charges for O2 Travel Subscription

  1. If your signed up to O2 Travel Subscription a daily charge will be applied automatically on the days that you use any data whilst within your selected destination, make a voice call back to the UK, including Voicemail (901) retrieval and voice calls whilst in your selected destination or send a text message back to the UK and whilst in your selected destination. In all destinations where O2 Travel is available, the daily charge will be £4.99 for each day used and covers data, calls and texts in your chosen destination of travel and back to the UK.
  2. Receiving calls and texts will not trigger the O2 Travel daily charge. Any calls received will be deducted from your daily 120 minutes allowance. If you exceed your 120 minute call allowance on received calls alone, you will then proceed to be charged the standard roaming rates of your destination of travel for any additional dialled and /or received calls in the same day period.
  3. All charges include UK VAT, where applicable, unless otherwise stated.


  1. O2 Travel is for smartphone use only and not for use via other devices.
  2. O2 Travel is for your personal non-commercial use. If you're using it, in our reasonable opinion, for commercial purposes or contrary to your terms of service, we'll charge you our standard roaming rates or restrict your use.

Other important terms

  1. Your standard terms and conditions of service (including your tariff terms and your airtime agreement) will continue to apply when using O2 Travel.
  2. We may vary or amend these terms, but if it's to your significant disadvantage we'll notify you.
  3. We may remove or discontinue O2 Travel at any time.
  4. We reserve the right to terminate your use of O2 Travel, if you are, in our reasonable opinion, in breach of your terms of service.
  5. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by English law and the English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

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