Terms & conditions

O2 Travel Pay Monthly terms

These updated terms (“Terms”) are effective from 27 June 2024 and apply to anyone using O2 Travel from that date.

Unless included in your Monthly Subscription Charge as a Supplementary Service for your core services under our standard terms and conditions for O2 Pay Monthly Mobile services (the “Pay Monthly Mobile Agreement”) available here, O2 Travel is an Optional Add-on Service as defined in our Pay Monthly Mobile Agreement. The Pay Monthly Mobile Agreement shall also apply to the O2 Travel Pay service. In addition to the Pay Monthly Mobile Agreement, these terms and conditions will form part of your O2 customer contract once an eligible order for O2 Travel has been accepted by us.

  1. O2 Travel is available to Consumer Pay Monthly customers and can be obtained as:

    1. a. a paid subscription, with unlimited minutes and texts and data (with capped data speeds of 2Mbps​) in all our O2 Travel destinations (“O2 Travel Subscription”); and / or

    2. an inclusive service at no extra cost as part of eligible tariffs. This is available in selected O2 Travel destinations (“O2 Travel Inclusive Zone”) or all O2 Travel destinations (“O2 Travel Inclusive Zone Ultimate”);

  2. In order to benefit from access to all O2 Travel destinations, you must be registered for and opt in to an O2 Travel Subscription.

  3. If you opt in, O2 Travel may take up to 24 hours to be applied to your account. If you choose to opt out of the O2 Travel Subscription, you will be charged our standard roaming rates. For details of these rates, please visit You can cancel O2 Travel at any time. Where you cancel O2 Travel, your underlying pay monthly mobile service remains unaffected and shall continue as normal.

  4. O2 Travel is available in selected destinations and also available at no extra cost with “O2 Travel Inclusive Zone” or “O2 Travel Inclusive Zone Ultimate”. O2 Travel destinations and Inclusive Zones may be subject to change from time to time. For more details on O2 Travel, including a list of the destinations where O2 Travel is available, please visit:

O2 Travel Daily Allowances

  1. Your O2 Travel daily allowance (“Daily Allowance”) includes unlimited minutes and texts but excludes calls and texts to premium rate numbers. MMS is also excluded and will be charged at a domestic rate.

  2. Daily Allowances will apply for 24 hours from (i) the first use of any data; (ii) the first voice call you make back to the UK or within your destination , including voicemail (901) retrieval and voice calls; or (iii) the first text message sent back to the UK, whilst in your selected destination. There’s no fixed data allowance with O2 Travel, so to manage traffic (including audio and video streaming) we limit the service to 2Mbps.

  3. Any unused and assumed fair usage amount of data will not carry over to the following day.

Charges for O2 Travel Subscription

  1. If you're signed up to O2 Travel Subscription a daily charge will be applied automatically on the days that you use any data whilst within your selected destination, make a voice call back to the UK or within your destination, including Voicemail (901) retrieval and voice calls whilst in your selected destination or send a text message back to the UK and whilst in your selected destination. In all destinations where O2 Travel is available, the daily charge will be £6 for each day used and covers data, calls and texts in your chosen destination of travel and back to the UK.

  2. Receiving calls and texts will not trigger the O2 Travel daily charge.

  3. All charges include UK VAT, where applicable, unless otherwise stated.


  1. O2 Travel is for smartphone use only and not for use via other devices.

  2. O2 Travel is for your personal non-commercial use. If you're using it, in our reasonable opinion, for commercial purposes or contrary to your terms of service, we'll charge you our standard roaming rates or restrict your use.

Other important terms

  1. The Pay Monthly Mobile Agreement (including your tariff terms and your airtime agreement) will continue to apply when using O2 Travel.

  2. The O2 Travel service is variable in nature and we reserve the right to vary or amend these terms and/or the O2 Travel service at any time, subject to paragraph 8 of the Pay Monthly Mobile Agreement. Please refer to the Pay Monthly Mobile Agreement for more details on our rights to vary and (if applicable) your rights to cancel.

  3. We may remove or discontinue O2 Travel at any time.

  4. We reserve the right to terminate your use of O2 Travel, if you are, in our reasonable opinion, in breach of your terms of service.

  5. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by English law and the English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

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