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Volt Terms and Conditions for Business.

This Promotion replaces the previous Volt promotion offered by Virgin Media O2 between 11 October 2021 and 11 September 2022. This Promotion has a start date of 12 September 2022.

These terms and conditions (“Volt Offer Terms”) govern this offer. 

In these Terms “our”, “we” or “O2” means Telefonica UK Limited, 500 Brook Drive, Reading, Berkshire, RG2 6UU, United Kingdom.

Please read the following Volt Offer Terms carefully and keep a copy for your information. 

Please note that whilst you may be eligible for this Volt Offer if you meet the Eligibility Requirements explained below, and already have or choose to take certain O2 and Virgin Media services, separate contracts and therefore terms and conditions apply to both your O2 and Virgin Media services and you will be billed separately for these services. Your contract for your Eligible O2 Tariff is with Telefonica UK Limited and can be found in the first link immediately below. Your contract for your Qualifying Virgin Media Purchases is with Virgin Media Limited and Virgin Payments Limited and can be found in the second link immediately below. 

Eligible O2 Tariffs are subject to their own eligibility criteria, status and credit checks and O2’s general terms for business customers which can be found here: 

Qualifying Virgin Media Purchases will also be subject to their own terms and conditions and eligibility criteria including without limitation the standard terms and conditions of residential customer service agreement for Virgin Media Television, Virgin Broadband and Virgin Phone Services which can be found at:  Participants should familiarise themselves with these terms before participating in this Offer. 

What is the Volt Offer?
1.    Eligible Customers who have an Eligible O2 Tariff and make, or have made, a Qualifying Virgin Media Purchase (a “Participant”) will unlock exclusive Volt benefits for their Eligible O2 Tariff as follows:

Mobile Data Boost: The monthly data allowance for your Eligible O2 Tariff will be doubled for Handset Tariffs from 3GB and above and SIMO from 6GB and above. Any unused data will rollover to the following billing month in line with your Data Rollover terms which can be found at

Where it is not the primary device under the Eligible O2 Tariff, a Mobile WiFi (MiFi) with 2GB monthly data allowance. The option to increase data allowance are:

2.    The Volt Offer will be applied when making a purchase which meets the Eligibility Requirements below and will continue until your O2 contract is renewed to one which no longer meets the Eligibility Requirements.
3.    One offer per purchase which meets the Eligibility Requirements below. Offer is not transferable. No cash or other alternatives. 

What are the Eligibility Requirements for the Volt Offer?
4.    To be eligible to participate and receive the Volt Offer you must be an Eligible Customer and have purchased an Eligible O2 Tariff and make or have made a Qualifying Virgin Media Purchase.

“Eligible Customer” means one of the following which is claimed by you and accepted by O2:
a)    A new small business customer who enters into an O2 contract for an Eligible O2 Tariff and also makes a Qualifying Virgin Media Purchase both on or after the Volt Offer Launch Date; or 
b)    An existing O2 small business customer who is within their contract Minimum Period and who enters into a Qualifying Virgin Media Purchase on or after the Volt Offer Launch Date; or
c)    An existing Virgin Media small business customer who meets Virgin Media’s eligibility criteria and enters into an O2 contract for an Eligible O2 Tariff.
d)    An existing O2 small business customer who is within their contract Minimum Period on an Eligible O2 Tariff and who is also an existing Virgin Media small business customer who satisfies Virgin Media’s eligibility criteria on or after the Volt Offer Launch Date. 
e) An existing VMO2 customer who has previously claimed a Volt benefit, that benefit will remain under its terms and conditions, and will not be affected by this Promotion. An existing VMO2 customer who has not previously claimed Volt benefits under this Promotion, remains eligible to claim Volt benefits under this Promotion, subject to these terms and conditions. If an existing VMO2 customer has already claimed a Volt benefit, they can gain eligibility for replacement Volt benefits under this Promotion at the point they recontract their Eligible O2 Tariff.

“Eligible O2 Tariffs” are available to new, upgrading or in contract customers who purchase an O2 Small Biz Handset (24/36m), O2 Small Biz Sim Only (12/24m), O2 Small Biz Data only (24/36m), O2 Small Biz MBB Sim Only (12/24m) from 6GB and above data allowances. Tariff eligibility criteria may apply which includes, but is not limited to, being a UK resident and being over 18. 
i.    customers who purchase a Small Biz tariff taken out from 2019 on the following 24 month or 36 months contracts: 
i.    Small Business
ii.    Small Biz SIMO
iii.    Small Biz Data Only
iv.    Small Biz MBB Sim Only. 

Qualifying Virgin Media Purchase” is the purchase of a Virgin Media Limited and Virgin Payments Limited (“Virgin Media”) Virgin Media Voom broadband packages as set out in more detail at

5. You may request your Eligible O2 Tariffs be supercharged in accordance with the Volt Offers in paragraph 1 at the time of submitting your order which meets the Eligibility Requirements. Following that time, you will not be eligible for the other offer in accordance with paragraph 1. O2 shall use its reasonable endeavours to apply the exclusive Volt benefits as soon as reasonably possible following your request to be supercharged and O2’s validation that the Eligibility Criteria have been satisfied.

6.    O2 may, at its sole discretion, identify which tariffs or products are eligible or no longer eligible for this Volt Offer. O2 shall identify Eligible O2 Tariffs in selected promotional material. Devices or tariffs may only be eligible for Volt Offer at certain times, so please check marketing material. 

7.    If you cancel your Qualifying Virgin Media Purchase within 14 days of your Qualifying Virgin Media Purchase order date, you will become ineligible for this Volt Offer which will result in this offer being removed (if applied) to your Eligible O2 Tariff. There may also be consequences for your Virgin Media Volt benefits, please check the “Qualifying Virgin Media Purchase” url link above for more details. 

8.    If we remove your Volt Offer in accordance with these Terms, your O2 services shall continue unaffected, and aside from potential impacts on your Virgin Media benefits, your Virgin Media services will also be unaffected. 

Other important terms
9.    The Volt Offer will appear on your bill as a no charge item called Mobile Data Boost or a no charge item called Mobile WiFi. Any additional MiFi data changes will be shown on your bill.

10. The MiFi Volt Offer with 2GB monthly data allowance is only available under this Promotion where it is requested as the Volt benefit. If MiFi is ordered as the Eligible O2 Tariff, and MiFi with 2GB is requested as the Eligible Customer’s Volt benefit, then you will be provided with two MiFi services, the first will be chargeable and provided in accordance with the terms of your contract for that service, and the second will be provided as the non-chargeable (or the reduced chargeable where data allowances over 2BG are selected) Volt benefit under these terms and conditions.

11.    O2 reserves the right to remove promotional material from circulation, amend these Volt Terms or amend or withdraw the Volt Offer at any point. In the case of amendment or withdrawal a notice will be posted at the top of these Volt Terms.O2 reserves the right to substitute the Volt Offer for an alternative of equal or greater value. In the event of any dispute the decision of O2 is final. These Volt Terms prevail in the event of any conflict or inconsistency with any other communications, including advertising or promotional materials. 

12.    Data Protection: By participating in the Volt Offer, Participants consent to the transfer of their personal data to the Data Controller and the use of their personal data for the purposes of the administration of this promotion and any other purposes to which the Participant has consented. Your personal details will at all times be kept in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which can be found here:

13.    These terms and conditions shall be governed by English law and the English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.