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Terms & conditions

The following additional terms and conditions apply to the provision of Samsung Enterprise Edition Devices.


1.1 In this Agreement, in addition to those terms defined in the General Conditions, the Mobile Terms and the Mobile Equipment Terms, the following terms and expressions apply:

Term/Expression Meaning
“Additional Samsung Services” Means the additional services listed in clause 2.1 below, as may be amended from time to time.
"Samsung Enterprise Edition Device" Means the Samsung A40e and XCover4S devices, and any other Devices determined as subject to the terms in this service schedule by O2 from time to time.

“KME Service”

means the service of enrolling a Samsung Device within the KME Program, as described in the Samsung KME - Knox Mobile Enrolment Service Schedule which is available at
“KME Program” means the Samsung Device Knox Mobile Enrolment Program.

1.2    The headings in this Agreement are for ease of reference only and shall not affect its construction.


2.1 When the Customer procures a Samsung Enterprise Edition Device from O2, it may include the following Additional Samsung Services:

a) Samsung Knox Suite – Licence for 1year;

b) Samsung Enterprise Edition Support Enhancements for 3years; and

c) Any other services that may be advised from time to time.

2.2 Any Samsung Enterprise Edition Device purchased by the Customer from O2 is sold on a 'Device only' basis and any Additional Samsung Services are to be provided by and supported by the original device manufacturer only.

2.3 O2 shall have no liability to the Customer resulting from the Customer's use or mis-use of the Additional Samsung Services.

2.4 If the Customer elects to use the Additional Samsung Services then:

a) Customer should seek guidance direct from the original equipment manufacturer and follow any instructions it provides;

b) The Customer may be bound by additional terms and conditions set out by the original equipment manufacturer;

c) Any warranty services on Devices provided by O2 under the Agreement will cease to apply and the Customer must liaise directly with Samsung to enforce any equipment warranty available to it; and

d) For the purpose of the KME Service that may be provided by O2, any replacement Device provided to the Customer using the Additional Samsung Services does not represent an O2 approved warranty replacement. For the avoidance of doubt, O2 will not re-enrol such replacement Device on the KME Service and any O2 obligations relating to the KME Service will cease to apply.

2.5 If the Customer procures the KME Service and then elects to use the Additional Samsung Services, the terms in this Service Schedule shall take precedence over the Samsung KME - Knox Mobile Enrolment Service Schedule. 

2.6 Further information about the Additional Samsung Services can be found at the following URL: