Terms & conditions

Notice of Change dated 24 June 2021

O2 has joined forces with Virgin Media to form Virgin Media O2.

As a result of this merger, we’re amending the terms and conditions of all Agreements that were signed before 1 June 2021 to provide clarity on how we will share information within our new group of companies.

With effect from 22 July 2021 any reference to “Authorised Personnel” will be amended to mean ‘O2 Employees and Customer Employees as required, officers and authorised subcontractors and suppliers who have a need to know that information ("Authorised Personnel")’. Any use of “Authorised Personnel” in your Agreement shall be updated accordingly. Capitalised terms are defined in your Agreement, and shall be construed accordingly.

We are making this change to ensure that selected employees of Virgin Media, as part of the newly formed ‘Virgin Media O2’ group of companies, are permitted to review information relating to O2’s provision of services to you. Any permitted recipient of any confidential information will still be bound by the same obligations of confidentiality, and nothing else changes in your Agreement.

This change is permitted under the terms of your Agreement, and there is therefore no need to confirm your acceptance of this change.