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Terms & conditions

Terms & Conditions
•    This record is for the most consecutive passes of a rugby ball completed by different participants without stopping.
•    This record is to be attempted by a team of unlimited size.
•    This record is measured by the amount of successful passes without a break.
•    For the purpose of this record a rugby ball pass must be made using a standard regulation rugby ball and the pass must be made by a legal action as per the rules of the game.
•    The ball used must be a standard rugby ball. The ball must be approved by the officials, one of which must be a qualified referee.
•    The same rugby ball must be used for the duration of the attempt.
•    At a given signal the first participant passes the rugby ball to the second participant, who then passes to the third and so on.
•    Each pass must travel at least 5 metres (16.4 ft) to the next participant. The distances must be marked out and clearly visible.
•    The rugby ball can be passed with either arm.
•    Participants must catch the ball with their hands.
•    The ball must be caught by the receiver, any dropped passes end the attempt, and the count must restart.
•    The rugby ball must be passed with a legal action, and backwards as per the laws of the game, i.e. acceptable to the qualified official (referee).
•    No participant can pass the ball more than once.
•    If possible the attempt must take place on a marked out, regulation rugby field. If this is not possible the surface the attempt takes place on must be pre-approved by Guinness World Records before the attempt takes place.  (As per our conversation for the record attempt to take place on the perimeter area at Twickenham.  The Records Management team have confirmed that this is fine.
•    At least two qualified rugby referees must be present during the attempt.
•    For every 50 participants there must be one designated steward.
•    Stewards must not come from the organisation holding the record attempt
Date of Event: 12th May 2016