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Apple DEP Service Schedule


1.1 In this Agreement, in addition to those terms defined in the General Conditions, the Mobile Terms and the Mobile Equipment Terms, the following terms and expressions apply:

Term/Expression Meaning
“Apple” means Apple Inc;
"Apple Device" means a device made by Apple which would be a DEP Device if it were to be enrolled onto the DEP Service programme;

“Apple Supervision”

means an iOS device can be supervised, to have enhanced control over the devices across a multitude of options such as additional restrictions, enhanced profile features and multiple device configurations;
“iOS Setup Assistant” means the software configuration steps an End User completes when an Apple Device is first configured;
“DEP” means the Apple Device Enrolment Program;
“DEP Requirements” means the DEP enrolment requirements that can be found at: and;
“DEP Service” means the service of applying DEP to an Apple Device as described in this Schedule;
"DEP Device" means an Apple Device which has been enrolled onto DEP;
"DEP Customer ID" means the Customer’s Apple DEP customer account ID number;
“DEP Reseller” means the organisation authorised by Apple to apply DEP to Apple Devices which, for the purposes of this Agreement, may only be O2;
“DEP Reseller ID” means O2’s DEP Reseller account ID number being 1C99B860;
“MDM” Means a “mobile device management” product;
“O2 DEP Onboarding Process” means the requirements and  process steps for a customer’s first DEP order with the DEP Reseller.

1.2    The headings in this Agreement are for ease of reference only and shall not affect its construction.


2.1 The DEP Service involves the application of DEP to compatible Apple Devices by O2.

2.2 The DEP Service assists the Customer in deploying and configuring MDM and Apple Supervision on compatible Apple Devices. 


3.1 O2 shall enrol the eligible Apple Devices onto DEP, however, O2 does not have access to and cannot manage or support the DEP portal MDM assignments or additional device management settings.

3.2 For queries relating to the successful application of the DEP Service to an eligible DEP Device, customer support will be provided by O2 within the business hours of 9am-6pm Monday to Friday.  Additional queries or faults relating to device MDM assignment will be dealt with directly between the third party supplier (MDM supplier) and the Customer.

3.3 Any queries or faults relating to DEP account sign up and in life issues regarding the DEP Service will be dealt with between the third party supplier (Apple) and the Customer. For set-up support, contact Apple on 08009127302 or for in-life contact Apple via email The Customer hereby agrees that O2 shall not be liable in respect of any matters arising out of or in respect of the service provided by Apple in relation to DEP. 


4.1 The Customer shall ensure that they have enrolled on DEP via

The Customer shall:

a) be responsible for ensuring it meets the DEP Requirements;

b) provide O2 with their DEP Customer ID at the point of first DEP order placement through the O2 DEP Onboarding Process; and

c) add O2’s DEP Reseller ID as DEP Reseller in their DEP portal and provide a screenshot of the Customer’s DEP portal (as a proof of such selection). The Customer shall provide this at the first DEP order to complete DEP Onboarding with O2.  

4.2 Unless the Customer complies with the obligations stated in Clause 4.1, the Customer is not eligible for the DEP service and O2 shall not be obliged to provide the DEP Service.

4.3 The Customer shall notify O2 if the Customer requires their Apple Devices to be enrolled on the DEP Service for each individual order. If the Customer does not notify O2 on each order, , the Apple Devices will not be enrolled on DEP.

4.4 If the Apple Device has been turned on prior to completion of the DEP enrolment, then following completion, the Customer shall manually complete a Reset “Erase all contents and settings” on such Apple Device in order to finalise the enrolment of the DEP Service onto the Device.

4.5 The Customer shall ensure compliance with the iOS Software License Agreement, as may be amended from time to time.  

4.6 The Customer shall disable the Find my IPhone feature on any DEP Devices returned to O2 in order for O2/Apple to accept the returned DEP Device and process the replacement with the DEP service.


5.1 The DEP Service is provided free of charge to the Customer.


6.1 Devices are usually enrolled onto the DEP Service within 1 day from the day the Apple Device is dispatched to the Customer. However, O2 relies on Apple’s own processing timescales and therefore the Customer acknowledges and agrees that O2 does not guarantee, represent and/or warrant any timescales for enrolment and/or resolution of any DEP Service issues.


7.1 Only Apple Devices running iOS7 or later which are provided by O2 to the Customer following completion of the O2 DEP Onboarding Process are eligible for the DEP Service. Devices not purchased by the Customer directly from O2 are not eligible for the DEP Service.

7.2 O2 cannot provide the DEP Service to any Apple Devices ordered from O2 prior to the completion of the O2 DEP Onboarding Process. .


8.1 O2 will provide a replacement DEP Device containing a transitioned DEP enrolment from the returned Device when such DEP Device is replaced during the warranty period by O2, due to such Device being faulty. O2 will issue the replacement DEP Device directly to the End User if such request has been set out in the Customer’s order.   

8.2 O2 is not responsible for any DEP enrolment issues arising as a result of a failure to provide the DEP enrolment. In order for O2 to be able to accept return of a DEP Device for replacement, the Customer must provide a detailed and accurate description of the fault, damage and probable reason.

8.3 If the Customer does not meet its obligation set out in clause 4.6 of this Service Schedule, O2 will have no responsibility for providing the transition of the DEP Service to the replacement device.  

8.4 The Customer shall use O2 standard Customer Service to return a DEP Device (including requests for 24 hour replacement) and no other means (including O2 Retail) should be used.


9.1 The Customer acknowledges and agrees that when the DEP Device is reported as lost or stolen, O2 shall bar the DEP Device from the O2 network.

9.2 In the event that a DEP Device is lost or stolen, it is solely the Customer's responsibility to remotely wipe the DEP Device via their account profile on the Apple DEP portal.