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Terms & conditions

Samsung Blue Rewards
Promotion Samsung Electronics (UK) Limited

Participants agree to be bound by these terms and conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”). Any information or instructions published by the Promoter about the Promotion at or form part of the Terms and Conditions.

The Promoter

  1. The Promoter is Samsung Electronics (UK) Limited, Samsung House, 1000 Hillswood Drive, Chertsey, Surrey, KT16 0PS (the “Promoter”).

Purchase Period

  1. Notwithstanding Condition 14 below, the Promotion will commence at 00:01 (GMT) on the 3rd December 2020 and shall close at 23:59 (GMT) on the 25th December 2020 (the “Purchase Period”).


  1. To be eligible to participate in the Promotion you must be a UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man or Republic of Ireland resident aged 18+ or a business registered within the same with a valid UK, Channel Island, Isle of Man or Republic of Ireland bank account (“Participant”)
  2. Claims may only be submitted by the end user Participant, Claims made by Participating Retailers, other Resellers and/or their staff on behalf of the end user are specifically excluded and any such Claims will be automatically rejected.
  3. Employees or agents of the Promoter that are involved in the operation of this Promotion or anyone professionally connected to this Promotion are not eligible to enter. Sales staff at the Participating Retailers are eligible to participate so long as they have not received a staff discount on the Promotion Product.
  4. Rewards shall be paid by way of bank transfer and Participants must have a valid UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man or Republic of Ireland bank account in order to receive the Reward.
  5. Rewards shall be awarded to Participants based on their country of residence, for example a ROI Participant purchasing a Promotion Product in the United Kingdom shall receive their Reward in Euros rather than GBP in accordance with Table 1 below.


  1. Participants who purchase a new (i.e. not second hand, ex-display or refurbished) qualifying device as detailed in Table 1 below (the “Promotion Product”) in-store or online from a Participating Retailer in the United Kingdom, Channel Islands, Isle of Man or Republic of Ireland within the Purchase Period will be eligible to claim a cash back reward (exclusively paid by way of bank transfer) via redemption (the “Reward”). For the avoidance of doubt, devices purchased through the Samsung Certified Pre-Owned scheme are not eligible to participate in this Promotion. The relevant Reward value per Promotion Product shall be as set out in Table 1 below.
  2. Participants who purchase a second Promotion Product in accordance with Condition 8 above and go on to make a valid Claim (as defined at Condition 15 below) against said Promotional Product, shall receive an one (1) additional fixed cashback reward in the sum of £30.00/€35.00 (Additional Reward).
  3. Unless stated otherwise within these Terms and Conditions , reference to the term ‘Reward’ shall be taken to refer to both the Reward and the Additional Reward, with the specific exception of Condition 13 below.

Table 1 – Promotion Products, Participating Retailers and Corresponding Rewards

Promotion Product SKU Reward (£) Reward (€)
S20 FE 4G SM-G780F £100 €110
S20 FE 5G SM-G781B £100 €110
Note20 Ultra 5G SM-N986B £100 €110
Note20 5G SM-N981B £100 €110
Note20 4G SM-N980F £100 €110
A71 SM-A715F £80 €85
A51 5G SM-A516B £80 €85
A51 SM-A515F £50 €55
A42 5G SM-A426B £50 €55
Tab S7+ 5G SM-T976B £120 €130
Tab S7+ Wifi SM-T970N £110 €120
Tab S7 LTE SM-T875N £100 €110
Tab S7 Wifi SM-T870N £80 €85
Tab S5e LTE 64GB SM-T725N £70 €75
Tab S5e Wifi 64GB SM-T720N £60 €65
Tab S5e LTE 128GB SM-T725N £70 €75
Tab S5e Wifi 128GB SM-T720N £60 €65
Tab S6 Lite LTE SM-P615 £60 €65
Tab S6 Lite Wifi SM-P610 £50 €55
Galaxy Watch3 LTE 45mm SM-R845F £50 €55
Galaxy Watch3 BT 45mm SM-R840N £50 €55
Galaxy Watch3 LTE 41mm SM-R855F £50 €55
Galaxy Watch3 BT 41mm SM-R850N £50 €55
  1. Purchases from auction websites (e.g. eBay) or marketplace sales through retail websites (e.g. Amazon Marketplace or Play Trade) are specifically excluded from this Promotion.
    1. Participants may claim a maximum of one (1) Reward per Promotion Product purchased up to a maximum of four (4) Rewards in total per household. Business Participants may claim a maximum of one (1) Reward per Promotion Product purchased up to a maximum of two hundred and fifty (250) Rewards in total per registered business;
    2. Where the Participant purchases and makes a Claim against a second Promotion Product and (providing full compliance with these Terms and Conditions) is eligible for an Additional Reward, they shall be limited to one (1) Additional Reward only, irrelevant of the amount of Promotion Products purchased and subsequent Claims made.
  3. Participants who purchase a Promotion Product from the Participating Retailer ‘Tesco Mobile’ or ‘Tesco’ (either in accordance with Condition 9 or Condition 10) may purchase (and subsequently make a Claim against) said Promotional Product between 00:01 (GMT) on the 1st December 2020 and 23:59 (GMT) on the 29th December 2020 (“Extended Purchase Period”). For the avoidance of doubt, within these Terms and Conditions references to the term ‘Purchase Period’ shall be taken to refer to both the Purchase Period and Extended Purchase Period unless stated otherwise.


  1. To claim, after purchasing a Promotion Product from a Participating Retailer during the Promotion Period, Participants must visit within thirty (30) days of purchase of their Promotion Product (the date of purchase counts as day 1) and complete the claim form with either the IMEI number where the purchased Promotion Product is a smartphone or the serial number where the purchased Promotion Product is a tablet, smartwatch, AKG Headphones, Memory Card or SSD. Participants will also need to provide their name, contact information, bank account details and any other requested information, and submit it together with a scanned copy of their proof of purchase. Participants may also be required to upload a photograph or screenshot of either their IMEI number or serial number as appropriate (a “Claim”). Participants who purchase a Promotion Product marked with a “*” at Table 1 above shall be excluded from the requirement to enter a serial or IMEI number only.
  2. Proof of purchase must include: Participating Retailer name, Promotion Product name and/ or IMEI/Serial number and the date of purchase. Further information regarding proof of purchase requirements can be found on the FAQ page.
  3. Claims may only be submitted within thirty (30) days from the date of purchase, meaning the final claim date for purchases made on the 25th December 2020 is no later than 23:59 (GMT) on the 23rd January 2021 (the “End Date”). Claims received after the End Date will not be eligible. For the avoidance of doubt, the date of purchase counts as day 1.
  4. Participants will be sent an initial email and text to confirm that their Claim has been received and provisionally approved, subject to Promoter verification (“Provisional Approval”). Within 30 calendar days of Provisional Approval, Participants will receive a second email and text confirming that their Claim has been fully validated by the Promoter (“Claim Validation”). and their Reward payment has been processed. For the avoidance of doubt, no Reward payments shall be made to Participants until Claim Validation has occurred.
  5. If an email or text acknowledgement has not been received, it is the Participant’s responsibility to contact the Promoter’s customer service team by email at, or by telephone at 0330 054 2417 (UK) or 01223 2303 (ROI) within seven (7) days of a Claim being submitted.
  6. If the Claim is deemed to have missing information, the Participant will be notified via email and SMS and offered the opportunity to provide the required information to validate their Claim within seven (7) days of the email and SMS being sent. If no response is received, then the Claim shall be marked as invalid and the Participant will no longer be eligible to receive the Reward.
  7. Provided that the relevant Claim is not rejected for any reason before Claim Validation occurs, Participants will receive the Reward by way of bank transfer to the bank account detailed in the Claim within thirty (30) days of Provisional Approval. Where applicable, Additional Rewards shall be sent together with the Reward due against the second Promotional Product claimed against.
  8. To check the status of the Claim Participants may visit
  9. Claims that are incomplete or damaged will be deemed invalid. No responsibility is accepted by the Promoter for lost, delayed or damaged data which occurs during any communication or transmission of Claims.
  10. The Promoter reserves the right at its absolute discretion to disqualify Claims which it considers do not comply with these Terms and Conditions.
  11. The Promoter shall have the right, where necessary, to undertake all such action as is reasonable to protect itself against fraudulent or invalid Claims including, without limitation, to generate or require further verification as to proof of purchase, as well as the identity, age, and other relevant details of a Participant. This process may involve the Promoter sharing information with third parties.
  12. If a Participant returns a Promotion Product after making a Claim, then the Participating Retailer shall notify the Promoter and the Claim shall be rejected. Where the Reward has already been paid then the Promoter shall seek to recover the Reward from the Participant.

Privacy and Data Protection

  1. Other than as set out in these Terms and Conditions or for the purposes of operating the Promotion, the details and information provided by the Participant when entering the Promotion or claiming the Reward will not be used for any promotional purpose, nor shall they be passed to any third party.
  2. The information collected as described in Condition 13 above shall be processed in accordance with the procedures outlined in the Promoter’s privacy policy, available at


  1. The Promoter shall not be liable for any interruption to the Promotion whether due to force majeure or other factors beyond the Promoter’s control.
  2. The Promoter reserves the right, acting reasonably and in accordance with all relevant legislation and codes of practice, to vary the Terms and Conditions of the Promotion.
  3. Rewards are non-transferable by Participants.
  4. The Promoter will not be responsible or liable for: (a) any failure to receive submissions due to transmission failures and other conditions beyond its reasonable control; (b) any late, lost, misrouted, or damaged transmissions or claims; (c) any computer or communications related malfunctions or failures; (d) any disruptions, losses or damages caused by events beyond the control of the Promoter; or (e) any printing or typographical errors in any materials associated with the Promotion.
  5. Participants will be solely responsible for any and all applicable taxes and any other relevant costs or expenses which are not stated in the Terms and Conditions as included in the Reward.
  6. By participating in this Promotion, you agree, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws, to release and hold the Promoter harmless from any and all liability whatsoever for any injuries, losses or damages of any kind arising from participation in or in connection with the Promotion, including without limitation, awarding, acceptance or receipt of the Reward. The above limitation of liability shall not apply to death or personal injury caused as a result of Promoter’s negligence.
  7. The Promotion is governed by the law of England and Wales.