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Simply Pay As You Go - Tariff Details

NOTICE: On 17 November 2016, this tariff will be withdrawn from sale by O2. New customers will not be able to purchase this tariff directly from O2 nor will existing O2 customers be able to switch to it. Customers who are already on Simply Pay As You Go on the 17 November 2016 or who acquire and activate a Simply Pay As You Go sim via indirect channels, will remain on this tariff until further notice. However customers who switch away from Simply Pay As You Go will not be able to return to the tariff at a later date.

  1. Terms applying from 26 May 2016 Simply Pay As You Go ("the Tariff"), previously known as Big Talker, is available to Pay As You Go customers on O2.
  2. The Tariff gives you discounted UK calls and UK texts to international mobiles and international landlines from your Pay As You Go mobile. International calls are charged by the minute, not by the second, and will be rounded up to the nearest minute. Each call charge is then rounded up to the next whole penny.
  3. For the latest country pricing please see Calls to international premium rate numbers, personal numbers and some satellite numbers and countries are excluded. UK video calls and UK picture messages to international mobiles are not discounted.
  4. For information about the rates which apply to the Simply Pay As You Go tariff please see My O2.

For our full tariff terms see