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Share your data

Data for the whole family

We’re making some changes

Our sharer plans will soon be discontinued, which means you’ll no longer be able to share data with other devices, or use someone else’s data.

If you’re currently sharing data with other devices, don’t worry – there’ll be no change to your tariff. The monthly cost will remain the same and you’ll get the same number of minutes, texts and data.

If you currently share someone else’s data, we’ll move you to a tariff that best suits your monthly data usage.

You’ll also keep any discounts that you currently have.

We’ll be in touch to let you know when the change will take place. For more information, please contact us.

Share your data allowance across multiple O2 devices

Get all of your family online by sharing your data. If your tariff is sharer-capable, you can share your data with up to nine other devices.

The following tariffs can share data:

  • O2 Refresh tariff with 1GB or more on phones (excluding our Unlimited data tariff)
  • O2 Refresh tariff with 3GB or more on mobile broadband devices.

How do I share data?

You’ll need to make sure your device is on an O2 Refresh Tariff with 1GB or more data for a phone, or 3GB or more for a tablet. It doesn’t have to be a new connection. This will be your lead device.

Follow these steps to share your data:

  1. Log in to My O2
  2. Select ‘View Shared Data’ underneath your allowances for the month, on your My O2 homepage.
  3. Under ‘My Devices’ on this page, you’ll see your lead device and its data allowance. You’ll also see all of the devices you can share data with.
  4. Tick the boxes of the devices you’d like to share your data allowance with.
  5. Select ‘Start sharing data’. You’ll see a confirmation message. The process usually takes 10-15 minutes, but can take up to 24 hours.


Which tariffs are eligible to share data? Collapsed link

Our O2 Refresh tariffs, with 1GB or more data for phones and 3GB or more data for mobile broadband devices, are eligible to share data. Our Unlimited data tariff is excluded.

Some older tariffs with 20GB or more are eligible, but only if bought before 22 March 2017.

If you’re unsure which tariff you’re on, log in to My O2 to check or contact us.

Can my lead device be a sim only contract? Collapsed link

Sim only contracts are not eligible to share data, and can’t be your lead device. If you’d like to share data, you’ll need to buy a phone or mobile broadband device with an eligible tariff. Visit our shop to browse the latest phones and tablets.

How do I manage my data? Collapsed link

Log in to My O2 to manage your data. You can see how much data has been used by each of your devices.

We’ll send you texts when you’ve used 80% and 100% of your data allowance.

If you’re running low on data, you can add a data Bolt On for the month. Log in to My O2 to see your options.