International calling

Check international calling charges on Pay As You Go plans.

Calling or texting any country (even within our Europe Zone) from the UK is classed as an international call or text. That means you’ll be charged at standard international rates below. Stay in touch with your friends and family abroad with our range of international products. 

Our international products

You already get discounted international rates if you’ve purchased any of the following products:

  • O2 Unlimited*
  • Simply Pay As You Go*
  • International Sim*
  • £10 UK & International Bundle*
  • £15 UK & International Bundle*
  • £20 UK & International Bundle*
  • International Big Bundle*
  • Premium International Big Bundle*
  • £20 Big Bundle
  • £25 Big Bundle*
  • £30 Big Bundle

*These products are unavailable to new or existing customers wanting to switch.

If you are not already subscribed to any of the above products, you can purchase our International Bolt On for Pay As You Go. For £2 a month you get discounted UK calls to international mobiles and landlines from 1p a minute and 30p a text.

Big Bundles

Our £30 Big Bundle includes 500 international minutes to 29 countries. The £20 and £30 Big Bundles include discounted international calls from the UK starting at 1p/min.  

Our £10 International Big Bundle and £20 Premium International Big Bundle are no longer available for new or existing customers. 

If you have our £10 International Big Bundle, you can use your 500 minutes to call the UK and 29 destinations. If you have our £20 Premium International Big Bundle, you get 1000 minutes to call the UK and 48 destinations, plus an additional 250 minutes to call Nigeria, Pakistan and South Africa.