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Make the most of the holidays

And stay connected all summer

  • Not sure how to keep the kids entertained this summer? Scroll down for inspiration on what trips to take and how to stay connected along the way.
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Fun in the sun

Worried that playing ball in the park might not cut it for a whole six weeks? Or just trying to think of ways to get the family together this summer? Take a look at our ideas for keeping the kids entertained. And find out how mobile broadband can help you have the perfect family day out.

A day to remember

Kids playing together on the train

Take a trip to the city

Summer is the perfect time to soak up some culture in the city. There are transport deals, loads of family activities, and maybe even some good weather (no promises though). Before you book, get a Family & Friends Railcard. It costs £30 and gets you 1/3 off for adults and 60% off for kids on most rail fares. Don’t worry about the kids getting bored on the train. Grab a Pocket Hotspot Huawei 4G 2017 and you’ll be able to keep the kids entertained with movies, games and e-books on any wifi enabled device. And when you get there, check out the free Hoop app. You can search for family events across the UK by category or age range. Get it from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Go camping (or glamping)

Nature. Barbecues. Outdoor games. What’s not to love about camping? You can get away for a night or two for next to nothing. Check out the WikiCamps app for iOS or Android. It costs £0.99 and has up-to-date info on camping sites, points of interest and information centres. And don’t worry – getting in touch with nature doesn’t mean you have to go off the grid. Get a data sim for your tablet or mobile broadband device and you’ll still be able to use Google Maps or let your kids play on their favourite apps. And if you’re not quite convinced that camping is for you, try glamping. Glamping sites have more facilities than campsites, but still tend to be cheaper than hotels. Some even have playgrounds and activity centres for kids.

Make a splash at the seaside

A trip to the seaside is about as British as crumpets and tea. And it wouldn’t feel like summer without a little jaunt to the coast. So make some sandwiches for a picnic, grab some spare change for ice creams, and don’t forget your towel. There are loads of family activities too. Check out the pirate days in Brixham or explore Scarborough through a Treasure Trail.

Get off the beaten path

Fancy doing something a bit different? How about tackling the biggest hedge maze in Britain? Longleat Hedge Maze is something kids of all ages can enjoy – and you could even split into teams and race each other. The Forbidden Corner in the Yorkshire Dales is another exciting outdoor adventure. You can spend the whole day exploring its secret passages, underground chambers and extraordinary statues. And there’s a series of Forbidden Corner e-books you can download onto your tablet to re-live the adventure afterwards. If it’s not the weather for exploring outside, there are still plenty of unusual things to do. Try Eureka, a fun and educational children’s museum in Halifax. Or Techniquest in Cardiff, which has interactive exhibits for all ages.

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