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Enter another dimension

Virtual reality headsets

  • Take games, movies and multimedia experiences to a new level. Without breaking the bank.
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It's a whole new world

Virtual reality headsets are taking games and movies to another dimension. Explore new worlds, immerse yourself in adventures, and go on incredible journeys without leaving your home. And you don't need to use your life savings to do it.

The future is already here

Live it

Bring movies and games to life

Front row seats

Your own personal viewing experience

Transform your phone

Give your iPhone or Android a VR makeover

Bring your phone to life

You might not know it, but you could have a VR device in your pocket right now. With headsets like the Samsung Gear VR, and Google Cardboard, you can experience VR on your phone. The Google Cardboard works with Android 4.1 and the latest iOS smartphones, and comes in a variety of sizes to fit your phone. While the Gear VR works with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and above. Just pop your phone in and away you go.

Be a part of it

In the VR world, you don't just play games or watch movies – you live them. State-of-the-art technology brings games, movies and immersive experiences to life. Face off against a Great White. Fight your way through a crumbling temple. Or relax in your own, personal VR cinema. And most of the action can be controlled just by moving your head, so your hands are free to stop you from walking into walls.

Choose your own adventure

Fancy yourself as a private detective? Always dreamt of being a fighter pilot? Or just feeling brave? You can get your hands on VR games like Gone, Fractal Combat X, and VR Horror, for free, along with galleries, entertainment and more, at Google Play and the App Store. Plus there are thousands of 360-degree online videos to explore – YouTube and Street View are good places to start.

How does it all work?

VR headsets use head tracking technology, so that when you look around, the picture in front of you moves too. Whichever way you turn, you'll see the VR content. The ultimate goal is to make you forget about the headset altogether – so when you look down, you'll see your virtual arms and feet, for example. Although they're not there yet, with the on-going development of motion and eye tracking technology, it won't be long before you'll be able to enter a fully virtual world.

Where to start - entertainment

Read about the VR apps and content other people are enjoying.

Netflix - "Watching Netflix with the Gear VR lets me forget where I am and get really immersed in my favourite films and TV shows." Tom, 34.

Ocean Rift - "It's like being inside your own nature documentary - sharks swim out of the blue. It's incredibly realistic." Vince, 24.

Where to start – games

Ready to delve into the action? Here's two recommendations to get you started.

Land's End - "With the Gear VR, you feel at the centre of things - it makes exploring adventure puzzle games like this one really atmospheric." Ruth, 33.
Temple Run - "Turning around to look back and seeing monsters racing after you is genuinely terrifying. I've never played a game that felt this real." Amy, 24.

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