Huawei phones are well known for their top spec cameras. We’re about to road test the new P30 Pro, to see how it measures up.

Meet the team

Marcus Bronzy is no stranger to the world of TV, radio and podcasts. You’ve heard him on Radio 1Xtra, Capital Radio and his cult podcast ‘How to kill an hour.’ He brings his larger than life personality to the world of tech, gadgets and data.


Actor and DJ Dev Griffin is probably best known for his weekend afternoon show on BBC Radio 1, but he’s also worked with the likes of Kanye West and Jurassic 5. As a DJ, Dev loves getting his hands on new gadgets and experimenting with the latest tech.


Putting the P30 Pro through its paces

Marcus knows his tech. After a rundown of the Huawei P30 Pro’s specs and features, he sends Dev out and about to push this brand new phone to its limits. How will it perform straight out of the box? We ride with Dev as he uses street smarts and visual genius to get to grips with the Huawei P30 Pro.

How the Huawei P30 Pro could raise your production game

Quad camera set up 

The set up includes four Leica cameras – a 32MP front camera, plus 40MP, 16MP and 8MP cameras on the rear, with a Time of Flight sensor. So what you capture will look better than ever.

Periscope zoom

This brand new Huawei boasts a massive 10x zoom. Extreme close ups taken care of.

More storage

The P30 Pro comes with up to 128GB storage, meaning more space for shooting and storing photos and video when you’re on the move.

Big battery

You can expect the P30 Pro to last between a day and a half and two days, on one charge from its 4200Ah battery. That’s essential when you’re out on a shoot. And it’s equipped with fast charging, so you can get up to 100% in just over an hour. 

3.5mm headphone jack

The jack is back. Even though it’s been missing from recent smartphones, Huawei have put it back into the P30 Pro. So you can use your favourite headphones for editing or just listening to music, without carrying around a converter.

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Here’s what fans have been asking online

Does the Huawei P30 Pro come with wireless charging?

That’s right, so you can cut down on the cables.

Is the Huawei P30 Pro dual sim?

Yes. You can have two sims in your phone, and switch between them with a touch of the button. You can also forward calls between the sims.

How can I order a Huawei P30 Pro?

Get your hands on the new Huawei P30 Pro (link to product page), and spread the cost up to 36 months with a custom plan.

What’s special about the processor?

The Kirin 980 gives the Huawei P30 Pro a smooth, seamless performance.

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