How to shoot low light pictures on Samsung Galaxy S9+

Low light photography used to be a no-no on even the best camera phones, but newer models allow great night-time shots.

Why low light photography?

Whether you’re exploring the city after dark or partying with friends, the night time is full of moments worth capturing. We have all had those regrettable night out pictures: overexposed snaps where everybody is temporarily blinded by the flash. Not the most sharable. Fortunately, the Samsung Galaxy S9+ means you’re more likely to get better low light shots.


Explore the Samsung Galaxy S9+ camera


Use Dual Aperture

What is it?

Aperture is all about how much light passes through the lens. So, if you’re in dark surroundings, pulling in more light will let you take brighter pictures without a flash. The best setting for this is f/1.5, which comes as a preset.


How to use it

With the camera open, go into Pro Mode and tap on Shutter Speed. You can then toggle Dual Aperture from f/2.4 to f/1.5.


Manually adjust Shutter Speed

What is it?

You can get even more control by changing the Shutter Speed – which controls how much time the shutter is open and the camera’s digital sensor is exposed to light.


How to use it

On your camera mode, go into Pro Mode and tap on shutter speed. Then move up and down to adjust exposure. You’ll instantly be able to see the difference.


Play with ISO

What is it?

Put simply, ISO brightens pictures. As you increase the ISO number, your pictures will grow brighter. A higher ISO can negatively impact picture quality however, so use it sparingly.


How to use it

On your camera mode, go into Pro Mode and tap on ISO. Then move up and down to adjust brightness.


Change light balance

What is it?

The human eye can easily adjust to different light, but cameras need help. Bright light sources (like the sun) have a high Colour Temperature and low light sources (like a candle flame) have a low Colour Temperature. You can go for a standard preset, like Fluorescent, or adjust it yourself. Before adjusting white balance, point the camera at a pure white colour.

How to use it

From Pro Mode, tap on White Balance. You can then try the different presets or manually adjust the Kelvin number.


Try Live Focus

What is it?

Live Focus helps you get the background blur you want before even taking the photo. This adds contrast you don’t always get in darker conditions, so you can crisply focus on a subject while blurring other things out of the picture. Great for taking a picture of your friends.


How to use it

Simply select Live Focus when taking your camera. When available, you’ll get a prompt. You can then adjust background blurring both before and after taking the picture.


Capture light trails

What is it?

For those classic ‘city at night’ light trails from moving vehicles, try the following configuration to make you the envy of Instagram. Tip: Use a tripod to keep the camera extra steady.


How to use it

On Pro Mode, tap the Dual Aperture button. Decrease your Shutter Speed to about one second. Make sure your phone is steady and take the photo.

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