Could the versatile Samsung Galaxy Note10 Plus be the all-in-one phablet for journalists and gamers alike?

Meet the team

Joining regular host and techspert Marcus Bronzy is Julia Hardy, presenter of BBC Radio 1’s The Gaming Show. As a journalist and broadcaster, Julia knows about getting things done on the move. Whether she’s reporting from major festivals or giving talks at TEDx, it’s important for her to be able to work wherever she is. Will the Samsung Galaxy Note10 Plus be up to the task?


Road-testing the new Samsung Galaxy Note10 Plus

After Marcus clues us up on the Note 10 Plus’ specs and features, he and Julia head to the show. This is where the Note10 Plus will have to show its versatility – from personal organiser and route planner to social media and gaming device. Heading into the venue, Julia Hardy turns journalist, using the unique S-Pen to take notes and the Note10 Plus’’s powerful cameras to get the pictures she needs – even getting involved in multiplayer mayhem: WiFi Wars. Can the Note10 Plus fight its corner?

Get ahead on the go with the Samsung Galaxy Note10 Plus


Rewrite the way you use your phone with Samsung’s unique stylus. As a remote that can take photos and control presentations, it’s so much more than a pen.


At only 168 grams, the Galaxy Note10 Plus is packed with features but won’t weigh you down.

Super Fast Wireless Charging

There’s no need to take a bundle of wires with you. The Samsung Galaxy Note10 Plus’ Super Fast Wireless Charging means you can power up on the go.

Switch your mobile to desktop

By hooking up to a larger screen, Samsung DeX allows you to turn your Note10 Plus into an office, wherever you are.

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Here’s what fans have been asking online

How long does the Samsung Galaxy Note10 Plus battery last?

The Note10 Plus’s 3500mAh battery should last a day with even demanding use.

How big is the Samsung Galaxy Note10 Plus?

It’s 151 x 71.8 x 7.9mm, which means it’s smaller than a typical tablet, but has all the functionality and more.

How much storage does the Samsung Galaxy Note10 Plus have?

With 256GB of storage, the Note10 Plus has plenty of room for your music, apps and pictures.

What are the camera specs of the Samsung Galaxy Note10 Plus?

The Note10 Plus comes equipped with three main cameras (two 12 MP cameras and one 16 MP). It has also has a 10MP front camera for unrivalled selfies.

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